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Error while scheduling webi report (IES 10901)

Hi Friends,

In this blog I want to report one of the error that I have faced and long pending since many days and have raised an OSS to SAP regarding this.


1) We have upgraded SAP BO 3.1 SP1 to SAP BO 4.0 SP04 FP03 and SAP BW 7.3.

2) All the ports ranging from 6400 – 7400 have also been released from the firewall of Server and Client machines.

3) I created Universe on top of BEx Queries and Webi reports on Universe. I can able to connect to SAP BW Server and pull/referesh the BEx Query data into Webi Report.

4) When I am scheduling the Webi report in CMC or BI Lauch Pad, it is getting failed and giving the error messages as below

Error while schedulng.png


1) Check the HostName “xxxxxxxx” in both the BW and BO server Host file. If it is not maintained then it has to be updated in those host files at server-side.

2) I have updated the host file with the IP adress of BO and BW in all the servers.

3)There may be Hostname conflict incase you have multiple hostnames. So always better to create a Connection in Information Design Tool (IDT) or Universe connections using IP Address or because for any Server, there will be only one IP Address and multiple Hostnames.

4) I changed the host server name to IP Address whereever the host alias name is given.

This rectified my error.

Hope this might be helpful for you incase if you ever encountered a similar problem like this.


Ram 🙂

Error while schedulng.png
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