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Auto Correct Load using Sales force adapter

Sales force adapter version supports auto correct loading to sales force tables. In earlier versions of sales force adapter merge was not supported, we have to use insert and update as seperate operations which caused performance degradation.

How to select auto correct load option for sales force tables

  1. Open selected target sales force table in data flow and go to ‘Adapter Target’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Auto correct load’ option as yes.
  3. Enter External id field of selected sales force table in ‘External Id Column Name’.
  4. Select ‘Include column names’ option as yes if you want to merge only selected columns.

Target table properties of sales force tables using sales force adapter version is shown below.

sfdc adapter.png

sfdc adapter.png
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  • Hi Rose,

    Can we use a Map operation transform before the Salesforce Target table to allow only updates.

    I tried to use Map operation transform with opcode Normal>Update and Update>Update but it doesnt updates the table in Salesforce

    Any inputs would be really helpful


    Arun Sasi