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WM+SD, pick & pack szenario


WM picking for outbound delivery with delivery bound HUs


One straight forward picking process in WM together with SD is to use internal units to collect all the picked goods.

As second step, repacking (consolidation) from internal units to shippable (external) units is required because internal units never leave warehouse towards customer.

As an optimization, the pick & pack process allows the picker to have shippable units (cartons, labels/printer)  “on board” to generate fully packed and shippable units after picking. No repacking is required, goods issue can be posted after picking because picking & packing is done in one step


Allows the assignemt of pick-HUs to transfer orders before confirmation

Master Data

A packaging material is required (created by MM01) for HU creation

Example process

Simple VL01NO without reference

Some WM relevant plant + storage location combination

Create TO for delivery by LT03

Assign one or many pick-HUs to transfer order (header). Here the packaging material is required.

The number generation & the behaviour of this step is mainly controlled by SM30 view V_T319

You may also use RF transactions for WM mostly named LM* to do this assignment

Confirm TO by LT12 (or by LM*), now a destination HU can be provided

After confirming the TO you’ll get (for free 😉

  1. Picked delivery item
  2. Packed delivery item with qty from TO confirmation
  3. HU# created and item qty packed

Also a new item for HU could be created e.g.

  • to print it on delivery note
  • to get some money for it (out of FI)

The three major steps are

  1. assigning a list of potentional pick-HUs TO
  2. providing HUs at TO confirmation
  3. TO confirmation leads to a implicit packing of delivery item in given HU during TO confirmation

Thus LTHU-EXIDV will get VEKP-EXIDV if HU is selected at TO confirmation. As VEKP-EXIDV is the SSCC field (e.g. for parcel tracking), you may influnce the HU# generation at the LH01 step to get your SSCC number filled correct.

You also may influence the ABAP code (e.g. with implicit enhancement/BAdI implemenentation in SD) to repack a delivery item and update e.g. VEKP-EXIDV2 during that process.


Parcel tracking

Could be done on HU level by transaction VTRK if SAP express shipping cockpit is enabled to update status per HU & carrier

SU/HU management

You can have SU management on source storage type and/or HU management on storage location level, but it’s not required.

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  • Hi Matthias,

    This was very helpful. I did try to do the same. I was able to pack during TO and the handling units are also linked to delivery. But I am not able to view the material contents of the handling units. Could you please help me with this?

    Any pointers are appreciated.


    Gaurav Kochhar

    PS: I created an order -> delivery -> TO -> LH01 (here I entered unassigned HU created using HU02)-> LT12. Now I check in VL02N, HUs are linked but no contents available in the HUs.

    • Hello Gaurav,

      thanks for your comment. You can use transaction HU2 or HUMO if you know the HU number. The delivery qty is packed after the TO item was confirmed.

      After confirming, VL03N (or VL02N) with the outbound delivery number, than Button “Packing (shift+F6)”, then Tree: Overview (F8) or double click on HU number should branch in the HU detail view, showing the packed content. If the delivery is not updated instantely after TO confirmation, you may have enabled delayed delivery update (check view V_T340DC-LATER=X). Then you need to run the delayed update described in the help of this field).

      Best regards,