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No transaction type is available for creating a transaction

Hi all, we have encountered some interesting problem.

Solution Manager 7.1 SP7

Follow the Expert Guide for AIM DAY2, copied business role SOLMANPRO  -> ZSOLMANPRO.

Then everything else configuried according to guide ( pfcg role, ppoma_crm, busines role, business partner )

But when we tried to create ANY type of transaction in WEB UI ( tcode SM_CRM ) search result says – No result found.

And you see message No transaction type is available for creating a transaction.

We tried everything ( delete / insert channel CRM web ui client for transactions SMIN / ZMIN )

tcode dno_cust04

Process_type  smin

process_type_add zmin


You can avoid creating entries in CRMV_UI_CMP_MAP, when you copy standard business role to Z-Y, you may encounter some error messages.

At this step don’t press cancel or back.

Just press SKIP( F8 ) button this will skip unnecessary entries and after you don’t need to create any objects.


Solution was step D) in Note 1172066 – Transaction type not appearing in IC Webclient

BUT! this note is for IC Webclient with its objects and there is objects not for Solman’s WEB UI.

SO! The objects we need f.e. INCIDENT we can find in standard profile SOLMANPRO

1) Launch transaction ‘se11’

2) Open view ‘CRMV_UI_CMP_MAP’

3) In order to create Activities, the following entries should be present in the profile that you are using ( f.e. ZSOLMANPRO )

For SMIN / ZMIN there should be:


And so on…there is 784 objects in SOLMANPRO profile

Summary Don’t know why this not copied correctly. Completed 2-3 systems with EGI AIM without such a problems but there was SP4.

May be this is SP7 specific problem

Anyway want to share this info with all!

Links that can help you :

Regards Dan!

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  • Thanks for Sharing Dan! I am on SP10 and still getting the same problem. When we copy Navigation Bar Profile, Generic Outbound Plug Mappings are not being copied automatically. It need manual efforts!!