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Developing Pagebooks for iPad Applications

When I first started using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio , Pagebooks were a foreign concept to me so I thought I would share what I have learned.

From the Application Help:

“The pagebook component enables the user to switch between the different views of an application. You group the components and contents of a view on a seperate page. For example, you want to show different data on different pages or you want to display the data in different ways (in a chart on one page and in a crosstab on another page). The pagebook only shows one page at time.”


The first page is Page-Index 0 and the second page has the Page-Index 1 and so on

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Drag and Drop Container Component Pagebook to the Layout

Step 2: Or right click on Layout in Outline section, create child, create Pageobook


Figure 1

Step 3: Add a crosstab to the first page and a chart to the second page

Step 4: Assign Data Sources to the Components

Step 5: Create a Script Statement to switch between Pages

Click on the Events on click for the Component of a page


Figure 2

The code in Figure 2 shows “PAGEBOOK_1.setSelectedPageIndex(1);”

Step 6: Use content assistant via control space and enter the code above.  Clicking on the chart button will take user to the page 2 showing the chart

Step 7: Define display effects when switching pages

Select Pagebook in Layout and select properties


Figure 3

Now when the user clicks on the Chart button the application/iPad will slide in the chart.

I am sure we will learn more at BI 2013 in March next year.

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