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How to Run Executable files from Web Dynpro ABAP – Part 2

We have created Web Dynpro Components and implemented the methods in first part How to Run Executable files from Web Dynpro ABAP – Part 1

Now we will see creating and executing the Web Dynpro Application.

Step 5: Creating Web Dynpro Application.

        Right click on Web Dynpro Component and click on Create Web Dynpro Application


   Enter description, click on OK and save the Web Dynpro Application.



Right click on Web Dynpro Application and click on Test.


  You can see the created application in browser.


Now Click on any button to see the result ( say Open MS word ).


Oops!! Nothing opened. Click on Show Log to see the message log.


You can see the message that “application was not cleared by whitelist” .

Due to security reasons, only authorized executables on client PC are triggered by AcfExecute. The authorized servers and directories are listed in WhiteList.

So, we need to create a white list now. This is the main part of this Demo.

Creating Whitelist

     Execute transaction WDR_ACF_WLIST and click on edit button (F6).


  Click on New Entries to create entries.


  Enter Whitelist name and description. Click on Save.


  Now select the created entry and click on Applikation folder.


Click on New Entries to create entries.


Select the created whitelist from F4 help and maintain the Application Paths.


Note: The Application paths which I maintained in the above customizing is the application paths in Windows 7 OS which may vary from other Operation Systems. Please use the actual application path according to your Operation System.

Click on Save and click on back button. Now in the initial screen of the transaction WDR_ACF_WLIST, you can see the created whitelist.

Click on Activate button.


It will prompt to overwrite the xml file. click on transfer button.


You can see a success message that “Security list created”.


We have successfully created security whitelist. Now we will test our application.

Run the Web Dynpro Application. Click on ‘Open MS Word’ button.


Aww.. MS Word document opened .

Click on ‘Open MS Excel’ button.


Click on ‘Open MS Paint’ button.


Click on ‘Open Notepad’ button.


Click on “Open Calculator” button.


Click on “Shutdown System” button.


After seeing this message( I will not leave you dear), I cancelled System Shutdown.

Click on “Cancel Shutdown” button.



Here I demonstrated a simple Application on how to run executable files from Web Dynpro ABAP using powerful AcfExecute. You can use this according to your Requirements.


   AcfExecute SAP Help content


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