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SAP Visual Intelligence Data Geek


When I first saw SAP VI data geek challenge I said what is SAP VI? Hmm . A new SAP software for analytics. Of course I downloaded trial version and tried to use software. But it didn’t worked at first 🙁 We found the reason after some forum discussions. I’ve created a simple SAP VI user guide (you can download my user guide from this link) and done some visualizations.

First of All, I should say this tool is really for business users. There is nothing for coding or customizing for a typical SAP IT expert 🙂

It has  click by click visualization options.

I  selected provided workforce distribution data set. What a nice values 🙂 And I started some investigations on data set.

A. Let’s have a look Names And Phones. Do you think there are repeating data in our data sheet? Of course 🙂 We should clean data with SAP VI easily to make correct analyzing.

First of all we need to clarify relations in data. Eg:We filter Diego sanchez. We have 11 Diego. It seems Phone& Date of Birth& Address are same with specific Diego Sanchez. Hmm 🙂


“Looking to Facets, ordering and filtering data Hmmm. We can say some measures or attributes   (cost center,pay scale,annual salary etc) are being changed and employee having a new number , a new hire date and being added as a new line to the list yearly. But in Any Case we know some Diego’s are same.”

Of course I checked and checked the data more times. Then I had below lessons for any kind of analyzing and reporting.

  1. First Lesson: Visualizing with nice colors and graphs doesn’t mean right result are being shown.
  2. Second Lesson: If I’m not the owner of data(creator of data) i should understand data.
  3. Third Lesson: Data source of report should be verified before conclusions. If I have a line in data source,  can i create correct report with it?
  4. Fourth Lesson: Putting any measure to y axis and any attribute to x axis doesn’t mean you see correct sum.It depends relation in your data lines.

After understanding relation in data. I can say here my one sample analysis total employee based on Occupations by Hire Year

I didn’t sort years in x-axis. Also this is not the key analysis of world 🙂 You can have millions of analysis with this data set. You can download my sample svid file from this link.


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