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SAP HANA SPS 5 in Cloud with SAP HANA One Enables New Usage Scenarios

In my last blog I discussed choosing service levels in cloud computing that fit the business goals of your projects. I mentioned in cases where you want to take advantage of fine-grained optimizations of a technology such as stored procedures and calculation views in SAP HANA, a service in a public cloud is the right balance of efficiency, agility, and hands-on control.

I’m happy to report that the SAP HANA One and SAP HANA One Developer Editions will soon be updated to SAP HANA SPS 5 for those of you that have been waiting to access the new capabilities of SPS 5 in the cloud. While we cannot commit to an exact release version or date, we are targeting to have both offerings updated by middle to end of January, 2013.


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SAP HANA One and the SAP HANA One Developer Edition will provide full access to SAP HANA SPS 5 new features including natural language-based text analytics, and expanded embedded predictive analytics algorithms. It will allow developers to take advantage of the new extended application services that are part of the HANA platform to develop applications that run directly within HANA using HTML5, Javascript, SQLScript, XML/A, JSON and ODATA. Developers can also work with the new enhanced business rules management and the extended application functional library network. For more specifics about what’s new in SAP HANA SPS5, please see the What’s New – Release Notes document.

Improved Administration

In addition to updating to SPS 5, SAP HANA One will be adding an enhanced administration interface. This will provide simplified management and administration for tasks such as:

  • Initial setup and configuration including a click through EULA, easy setup of default passwords and ports
  • Easy access to download the SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Client
  • Viewing status of your SAP HANA One instance including processes running, CPU and memory utilization, total time elapsed in system usage.

Expanded User Scenario Potential

The new features provided in SAP HANA SPS 5 when accessed in the cloud via SAP HANA One allow an expanded set of user scenarios such as:

For data scientists

  • Short term project instances for data analysis projects, and sand boxes

For application developers

  • Proof of concept porting of applications to SAP HANA using SAP HANA One Developer Edition
  • Development and test instances for developing new applications in SAP HANA using SAP HANA One
  • Customer-specific instances for pilots, sand boxes, implementation accelerators, and production deployments using SAP HANA One

For administrators

  • Create sandboxes for training and evaluation
  • Create test and development instances
  • Spawn databases for special projects, temporary events, for supporting unique access requirements such as different business partners.

Supporting Cloud and Hybrid Cloud – On Premise Scenarios

SAP HANA One supports productive usage of SAP HANA applications in the cloud, up to the size capabilities of the AWS EC2 cluster computer 8XL instance which allows 30 to 32GB of compressed data. You create modern analytics-intensive software services or hosted applications. You can also use SAP HANA One to add elasticity to your on premise SAP HANA implementations for the scenarios listed above.

A key new feature of SPS5 allows export and import of content from HANA systems while maintaining dependences. Combined with the elastic, metered nature of Amazon’s cloud, this provides an agile, cost effective way for for copying systems between cloud instances, or between cloud and on premise systems. For example, a SaaS startup could use this to operate a cloud-based application lifecycle as they migrated content and applications between development, test, golden master, and customer specific instances, spawning, running, suspending, and deleting instances as needed.

Even more to come for SAP HANA One

There’s a lot we’re hoping to achieve in a short amount of time for SAP HANA One, and we expect to be able to provide new updates on an ever more frequent basis. This means you’ll get quick access to newly released versions of SAP HANA in the cloud. We’re also planning to bundle additional software capabilities into the service, support additional SAP HANA-based applications such as SAP Expense Insight on SAP HANA One, and support multiple public cloud providers. More detailed information will be made available as these different enhancements come closer to being released.

If you are a developer and want to get a feel for the development capabilities of SAP HANA, check out the free SAP HANA One Developer Edition.

If you would like to try out the production version of SAP HANA One, take advantage of our limited time offer for a $25 credit on AWS.

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