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Trigger NW BPM Process

Currently, I am diving into NW BPM world and during this journey (which is still going on 🙂 ) I noticed that there are quite a few different ways using which we can start the NW BPM Process (mainly for testing purpose). So, here below I am sharing and jotting those different ways hoping that it will be helpful to others also.

NW BPM can be trigger:

1) From NWA

2) From Web Services Navigator/ Web Service Client using web services

3) From NWDS

The steps to trigger Processes using each of the above mentioned way is described below.

Note: The screenshot which i have shown below is from PI7.31 SP05.

A) Start Process from NWA:

    BPM Process can be trigger using “Process Repository” tool under NWA. Steps to trigger the process are as follows:

1) Start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator: http://<host>:<port>/nwa.

2) Select Configuration->Processes and Tasks->Process Repository


Under Process repository, we can see the list of components of all the deployed processes, versions of the components deployed (we also have a flexibility of activating a different/older version of the selected component, deactivating all versions of a component which we don’t want to use etc.) and all the process task and definitions deployed.

3) Select the Process component to be started.


4) Under the “Processes and Tasks” tab select the process definition and choose “Start Process”.


5) Once done, a new UI will open we have to just enter the input parameters and eventually hit “Start Process”.


Instead of manually entering the input data we can also browse and upload a test file from the local machine. The last step is to access PI message monitor and check the subsequent message flow in that process instance.

Note: A process with active version only can be started.

Process Repository executes the process asynchronously.

B) Start NW BPM Process using Web Services Navigator:

    BPM process can also be trigger using web based client, but here i am using Web Services Navigator to initiate the process using SI definition.

1) Start the WS Navigator: http://<host>:<port>/wsnavigator

2) Then search for a service interface which is associated with the start event of the process.Capture6.PNG

3)  Once the SI is found click on “next” and then select the operation that has been assigned to the start event in the process and click on “next”

4) On the next screen enter the input data and click on “Invocation parameters” choose “HTTP Authentication” -> Click “Ok” and eventually click on “Next”, you will see the start event of the process is getting initiated and process is successfully triggered.

Same as mentioned above you can access PI message monitor and check the subsequent message flow in that triggered process instance.


C) From NWDS:

    Using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (Debugger) we can also start a process which is already deployed on the server.

1) Open the debugger in the NWDS, choose Window Open Perspective Other Debug and choose OK.

2) Choose the debug icon -> Run Configuration -> Process-> New Configuration.

3) Then choose the project and the process which you want to start and on the Arguments tab page, select the “Attach to a New Process Instance” option.

A new instance of the process is created and then we can specify the input data for the (process) start event.Capture8.PNG

6) Choose Apply to save the settings and Debug.

References: Please refer below link to get information about the authorization needed to execute above mentioned steps:

More detail about starting a process:

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