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Lesson’s learned in Upgrading to Portal 7.3 – Part II

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This is part 2 of the Blog Series “Lesson’s learned in Upgrading to Portal 7.3”.

Part 1 of the Blog can be found at :

Learning 2.1: Library Reference in Web Dynpro Java DC’s

From NWDS 7.3 onwards all the library reference for Web Dynpro Java DC’s should be declared in the

Component Properties–> Dependency View, if there were Library references declared in the DC Properties–>Web Dynpro Reference –>Library Reference (By right click on the DC or Project).

If the Library reference is kept as it is like in older versions of NWDS it gives a hard reference run time error in Portal 7.3

Example of Library Reference we have in NWDS prior to 7.3 is shown in the figure below. These references should be removed in NWDS 7.3 and the corresponding reference should be made in Component Properties–> Dependency Section of the DC.


Learning 2.2: Deployment of EAR file fails from NWDS 7.3 with the error “Deploy Exception.ASJ.dpl_dc.001085


I got this error when trying to deploy the log on project (tc~sec~ume~logon~uiEAR) in Portal 7.3 after modifying the Web URI Context Root of the log on page.

In order to resolve this Exception follow the step below:

Undeploy the project “tc~sec~ume~logon~uiEAR”. Go to the Deployment perspective of NWDS 7.3. If you have configured the Portal 7.3 server details in the SAP AS Java, the server will show up in the Deployment Perspective –> Repository Browser view. Locate the EAR project under the server node and add it to the Undeployment list.Click the Start button in the Undeployment view.

It would be possible to successfully deploy the ear files now.

Learning 2.3: Portal Log in Page does not get launched while working on log on page modification:

While modifying the log on page if you mess up and not able to launch the “irj” or “nwa” portal log on page it can be troublesome to change the “Alias of the application for customizing login pages” in the Netweaver Administrator. It can happen if you deploy the login project “tc~sec~ume~logon~uiEAR” after modifying Web URI Context Root property in the application.xml file and the same is not updated in the NWA.

In order to be able to log into Netweaver Administrator (NWA) of the portal server bypassing the log in page, we can provide the user id and password as URL parameters:


Hope this blog helps many during migration. I will continue to update this  blog with more learning’s as we progress to make our Portal 7.3 environment stable 🙂

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  • Hi Sundeep,

    that’s a nice blog and an especially useful tip for handling logon issues when modifying the logon page.

    All the best for 2013.


  • Hi Sundeep,

    We are planing to upgrade our Enterprise Portal to 7.3 however our NWDI is still on 7.0. Do you know if we need to upgrade NWDI to 7.3 too? EP and NWDI bothe system are runing on different servers.


    • Hi Amit,

      there is no problem to have your NWDI on a lower NetWeaver version (eg 7.00) than your Portal version (eg 7.3).

      What you will need to do is setup NWDI to work with two different versions of SAPJVM.

      Your NWDI itself 7.00 will be running against SAPJVM 4.

      You will need to setup your Portal track to BUILD against SAPJVM 6.

      This is fully supported by SAP and I’ve had this config working successfully at several Customers.

      Here is how to do it:

      Also, you need specific SCA’s for 7.31 and 7.3 tracks, this OSS Note (and the respective 7.3 Note) will help you with that:

      OSS 1572743 – Required SCs for Specific Type of Development in 7.31 Track

      Have fun,