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UWL in consumer portal through RDL ( we did it for SRM 7.0)

We implemented consumer portal in our landscape. We have two producer portal and one consumer portal in the landscape. One server contains business packages ESS, MSS and SRM. This server is in NW 7.0. Another server contains customer applications using BPM. This server is NW 7.3. Consumer portal is in NW 7.3. We connected our consumer UWL to ECC, SRM and producer BPM. All the links was coming in the UWL. No issue on that. No changes was required in ESS, MSS and BPM workflow. They were working as usual in consumer portal. Issue we faced is in the workflow of SRM 7.0. Activities were coming to the UWL but when we are clicking on the menu like details and print preview it was not working. These iviews are supposed to open a popup sceen with data from another iview.. Those iviews weer not present in the consumer server. We created remote delta link (RDL) for all SRM 7.0 iview in the consumer server. We also created RDL for business objects. It was still getting error. We did something more than copy. I am discussing all we did to make the menu work from the UWL.

  • Create a folder with following information in the location given below (in consumer portal):

consumer portal folder.JPG

Folder Name was SRM RDL. Folder below that does not exists. Screen is captured after all steps done.

  • Copy all folder SAP SRM 7.0 and all its content from producer to the newly Created folder. Mind that we are accessing folder of producer portal from consumer portal.

remote folder .JPG

  • Paste it under SRM RDL

paste folder.JPG

  • Copy SRM folder containing business objects, under the folder in the Business Object from remote portal. We are still accessing producer from consumer.

copy business object.JPG

  • Paste it under the folder in the Business Object

paste business object.JPG

  • Till now there is nothing unusual. This is required for all iview which is called from UWL of producer portal. In our case it is SRM workflow. Here UWL is calling a business object. Business object is in turn calling the iview through object based navigation. We need to give user access to target RDL iview to user through a role. We identified two iview for detail (of shopping cart) and print preview. We added them in a custom role.



It is worth to notice that Iview is pointing to  operation of a business object. This iview is responsible for print preview menu.

following is another iview for viewing detail of shopping cart from UWL menu



Here also business object and operation is maintained in the iview

Finally two iviews are added to a custom role and users assigned that role. Iviews are not marked visible or entry point here. This will not be shown in the portal but authorization will be checked internally when user clicks on the menu in iview.


Role is given to user from user administration.

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  • Hi Raktim,

    I am not sure why you needed all of those steps.

    We are in the process of replacing a Consumer Enterprise Portal 7.02 with Consumer Enterprise Portal 7.31 where we also have a Producer Portal (among many Producer Portals) for SRM behind (7.02) and behind that the SRM Abap system.

    Please would you elaborate on the landscape design.

    You have

    7,3 Enterprise Portal Consumer

    7.0x Producer Portal for SRM with the SRM Business Packages

    SRM Abap system

    If you have the above then the 7,3 EP can have a System Object to SRM for the UWL

    and for the SRM Portal Business Package functionality it is enough to have an FPN connection to the SRM Portal with RDL’s. This means the SRM Business Package will be executed on the Producer SRM Portal and using the SRM backend and visible in the Consumer through the FPN connection and RDL’s.

    Hence I don’t understand why you needed to go through all of those steps.

    All the best,


    • Hi Andy,

      In our case every thing was working as you told. Only menu in the UWL links were not working.

      Following screen shot is the menu we have in the UWL:

      UWL Menu.JPG

      When I am clicking on the menu detail it is opening a iview from consumer portal only. This iview is not called directly from the UWL. UWL is calling the operation of a business object.

      Following is the screen shot of the detail of shopping cart:

      shopping cart.JPG

      This is what is written in the UWL to open a detail:

      <ItemType name=”uwl.completedtask.webflow.TS40007953″ connector=”WebFlowConnector” defaultView=”” defaultAction=”” executionMode=”default”>

        <ItemTypeCriteria externalType=”TS40007953″ connector=”WebFlowConnector” />

      – <CustomAttributes>

      – <CustomAttributeSource id=”WEBFLOW_CONTAINER” objectIdHolder=”externalId” objectType=”WebflowContainer” cacheValidity=”final”>

        <Attribute name=”WD_CONFIGID” displayName=”Web Dynpro Application Configuration” type=”string” />

        <Attribute name=”BOTYPE” displayName=”Type of Business Object” type=”string” />

        <Attribute name=”BOID” displayName=”Business Object ID” type=”string” />

        <Attribute name=”BOMODE” displayName=”Business Object Mode” type=”string” />



      – <Actions>

        <Action reference=”” defaultGroupAction=”no” returnToDetailViewAllowed=”yes” launchInNewWindow=”no” />

        <Action reference=”” defaultGroupAction=”no” returnToDetailViewAllowed=”yes” launchInNewWindow=”no” />



      The bold text is actually pointing to a operation of a business object.