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South America…we made it happen!


Just the other day I had the pleasure of being in Buenos Aires for our 15th and final SAP CodeJam event of the 2012 season. The event was fantastic with over 70% attendance of ABAPers and other coders coming together at Glooobal and sovanta opening their doors for all of us. This event was focused on HANA but during the course of the event we went a little crazy ABAP and HANA, Fuzzy Search and SAPUI5 and HANA all being shared and shown.


Luis and Lucas deserve the most credit here as they had the spontaneous demos to share with everyone and it was Luis whom we assumed was actually showing the current Football game since he had so many people crowded around his computer at one point but it turned out that he was showing how he was using HANA as a secondary database for his ABAP system.


I was truly impressed with this event, the engagement level was amazing and our hosts went over board to ensure that we had great food, solid internet connections and a comfortable environment to come together!


As the evening came to a close most people began to comment that they had not realized that we “officially” ended the event two hours before but no one wanted to just leave, they kept on talking to me about more events and opportunities for developers in Argentina and other locations in South America and so thanks to Diego, Lucia and Stefan and so many others I’ll be eagerly awaiting an email with their thoughts and ideas for more events in the region and what we might be able to start planning for 2013!

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  • Thanks, Craig! It may be worth mentioning that the first picture shows the electricians working (with us impatiently looking over their shoulders) on restoring electricity, as when we entered the building three hours before the event, they had disconnected the building from the public grid due to maintenance. 90 min before the event, they eventually made it.



  • This was an amazing event! Great people, topics and food!!

    Talking about food, A big THANKS goes to our CFO, Carolina Macri , who did an excellent job getting all that super taste food and setting our office ready for the SAP CodeJam visit.

    Once again, Thanks to Craig, Helena and all the participants for making of this event a great kick-off for many more events in our region.