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Blag’s best blogs picks from 2012

Five years ago, I embarked myself on a crazy and ambitious project…to every December browse the blogs posted on the SAP Community Network and select the ones that for me, are the best blogs in the year. With all the content generated everyday, there’s a strong possibility that we miss “a gem”…so this is my effort to save those forgotten blogs and let them shine.

Of course, this is not an easy task…hundreds and millions of blogs must be read and analysed…many of them might be still in the dark, as being human…I’m far from being perfect…also…the New SCN, which it’s wonderful and great “Spaces” and “SubSpaces” make my job a little bit harder…

If you are an old timer SCN aficionado…you might have read my blogs before…if not…here’s a little bit of history…

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Now…we can proceed with my selection of best blogs for 2012…in no particular order…and sorry for any omission…

ABAP Development

SAP code visualization – make a cool video of your project evolution by Artem Ruzak

Use Macros. Use Them Wisely. by Rüdiger Plantiko

Crossing the Great Divide – Procedural vs OO ABAP Programming by Paul Hardy

Let’s find enhancements by Wouter Peeters

Abap Development Tools: First little coding steps! by Andreas Pöschl

Easy way to install ABAP in Eclipse pre-requisites by Gregor Wolf

abap2xlsx – Business charts by Alessandro Iannacci

Siri.Drone Assembly Instructions by Graham Robinson

Siri.Drone – The Back Story by Graham Robinson


** TEAM FPM ** – How to use a Java Script Chart Library in Floorplan Manager Applications by Simon Hoeg

SAP for Mobile

SAP Mobile Dashboards on HANA – the SBO Design Studio way by Gabriel Alvarez

Blag’s experiments with SMP – Volume 2 by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Run the SUP 101 example in your AWS SUP instance by Tobias Hofmann

Extend your SAP jQuery Mobile web app with HTML5 concepts and Native device features – Part 1 by John Moy

Build your first Mobile web app using jQuery Mobile and ABAP – Part 2 by John Moy

HTML5 Mobile with SAP – A lot easier than you think by Gabriel Alvarez

HTML5 Mobile with SAP – A lot easier than you think part II by Gabriel Alvarez

BSP mobile logon screen using jQuery Mobile by Alessandro Spadoni

How your SUP on AWS can consume a custom web services by Tobias Hofmann

Mobile Augmented Reality in SAP by Ivan Femia

SAP HANA Developer Center

Introducing the New SAP HANA SQLScript Debugger by Rich Heilman

SAP HANA and Python? Yes Sir! by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Tableau on HANA, using the new native connector by R. Konijnenburg

The not so fuzzy “Fuzzy Search” by R. Konijnenburg

When SAP HANA met R – First kiss by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Nine months of Developer Center by Juergen Schmerder

Scripting Languages

Analytics with SAP and R by Piers Harding

RSAP, Rook and ERP by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

SAP Business One Application

All you need to know about SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA by Tim Guest

About SCN

SCN Goes Mobile by Scott Lawley

Are you losing points? Are you losing your mind? by Laure Cetin

The Most Balanced Piece I Could Write About the Stupidity of Ageism by Thorsten Franz

Cyberbullying – It Isn’t Just For Kids by Marilyn Pratt

Blog It Forward Community Challenge by Moshe Naveh

Does SCN contribute to poor SAP Consulting? by Mark Chalfen

Career Center

A Call to Arms for ABAP Developers by Graham Robinson

Top 10 Guidelines for your SAP Interviews by Ravi Sankar Venna

Top 10 Ways to Make Millions in your SAP Career by Jarret Pazahanick

Business Server Pages (BSP)

An XML Format for Ajax Response Messages by Rüdiger Plantiko

How to implement JQuery autocomplete functionality in SAP BSP by Ryan Rader

ABAP Objects

OO – An ABAPer’s perspective by Yaseen AbdulRahiman

SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Developing SAP iOS Apps – It’s Simpler Than You Think! by Guy Soffer

Transform GenIL objects into OData services – Fast and Easy! by Suparna Deb

Get Your HANA Data From Everywhere With Netweaver Gateway by Erhan Kesseli

Performance of SAP Gateway by Tobias Hofmann

SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal

SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge: SAPsquare by Erhan Kesseli

SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge: Knowledge Portal by Tobias Hofmann

#NWCloudPortal –  Drive with SAP UI5 by Inbal Sabag

SAP InnoJam

SAP Innojam Bangalore 2012: Couldn’t get any better than this! by Mohammed Asim

Wrap-up TechEd Madrid InnoJam 2012 by Julien Vayssiere

SAP InnoJam – Not just for Techies! by Tim Guest

#InnoJam Madrid @ #SAPTechEd – Develop like never before by Ivan Femia

SAP TechEd

Empathy + Serendipity = #likeneverbefore by Tom Cenens

The Way of the Developer by Matthias Steiner

Fabulous SAP TechEd Las Vegas Memories by Gali Kling Schneider

Thorsten’s Recap of SAP TechEd 2012 Las Vegas by Thorsten Franz

Develop Like Never Before” at SAP TechEd by Christine Godek

Code Exchange

Abap Pusher: authorization objects and private channels by Alessandro Spadoni

abap2xlsx – half thousand of members and more… by Ivan Femia

Technology Innovation

A small tribute to Innovation by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

To Whom It May Concern: How to Evangelize Technology to Non-Techies by Thorsten Franz

RESTful APIs from Scratch: Lessons Learnt (so far) by Sascha Wenninger

Somewhere between co-location and virtual teams: Where we Work and why it matters by Julien Vayssiere

Building awesome mobile apps with SAPUI5 and PhoneGap by Dagfinn Parnas

Using Neo and SAPUI5 – Part 1 – System setup by Rui Nogueira

Using Neo and SAPUI5 – Part 2 – Hi SAP UI5, may I introduce you to Neo? by Rui Nogueira

Pitfalls of Gamification by Tom Van Doorslaer

I experienced the power of Design Thinking; I got converted by Anne Hardy

See you next year! 😀

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  • I might be showing my “SCN age” but I have enjoyed this yearly blog from the first one. Thanks for including one of mine that definitely falls under the humor/rant category. Have a great holidays.

    • Luke:

      Thanks for your comment, and have to agree…I can’t beat Jarret when it comes to HCM or SuccessFactors…that’s why I don’t include those in my list…he makes really good lists 😉



  • Hi Blag

    Thanks for taking the time to build up this list 🙂 .

    I’ll be happy to go through it and check what I’ve missed over the course of this year!

    It’s an honor to see one of my writings in the list 😎 .

    Best regards


    • Vinod:

      I would love to include it…but the list is closed 🙁 I spend 3 full days building up the list…what I missed…it’s missed…but being in the comment will make people be aware of it 😉



  • Blag – Great review and I feel honoured to have been mentioned! There is some top content on SCN but often it can get lost so this is really useful. I will bookmark this as a point of reference.

    Happy Holidays and enjoy the festive season. 🙂


  • As every year, Blag’s list is as a xmas present: you know you’ll get one, but you do not know what is in it.

    Great selection, looking forward to 2013.

    P.S. While being mentioned 4 times (wow), I think you missed 2* blogs of mine: and #SCN YTL:

    * of course I am convinced that every single one of my blogs should be on that list 😆

    • Tobias:

      LOL It’s hard to keep everybody happy, right? Almost all your blogs are on my favourite lists…but I gotta admit that I missed those two…the list is closed now, so I can’t put them up…also…you need to let other people be listed as well 😉



  • Hi Alvaro,

    Thanks for including two of my blogs in the SAP for Mobile section.  Although they probably don’t deserve to be there, because they weren’t written in 2012 😯 .

    That said, its interesting that out of the 10 blogs you list in the SAP for Mobile section, 50% of them relate to mobile enablement using BSP and ICM (which have been around for a decade), combined with some nice modern mobile web frameworks such as jQuery Mobile.



    • John:

      Oh…as I said…new SCN gives a hard time doing the list 😛 as sometimes it shows old blogs with new dates depending on their activity…anyway…you’re blogs are cool enough to deserved being kept in there 😉

      I believe that really good Mobile blogs had been written this year, and despite the age of the technology…a good blog is always a good blog 🙂



  • Mr.Blag,

    Mere words cannot express how happy I am to have made your list of the top blogs of the year. I was literally dancing round the room. Also the world did not end yesterday as many thought it would, so I think it has been a fantatsic weekend so far!

    Cheersy Cheers


    • Paul:

      I never realized that make it to my humble list would someone so happy…thanks for your kind words…please keep up blogging and delivering amazing content to this community 🙂



  • Uwe:

    Of course blogging is about technology…we are a technology company…but not all blogs on SCN are about technology…we have a really nice combination of everything here. The corporations buy the technology, because it’s good and innovative…blogs help them too see what they can do with that technology…

    No more about value rather about posting as quickly as possible? Well…this list is from blogs written along the whole 2012 year…and as I can see…you have wrote more than 50 blogs this year, which is more than the average blog rating per person…I don’t see why it should be necessary to blog as quick as possible…we’re a community of professionals…and not a fan base…

    What are we posting? We are sharing our knowledge, our experiences, our experiments and helping people to get more out of their current installed software…every time we post about SAP HANA, SMP or BusinessByDesign, we are helping people to see way beyond…when we blog about things happening around the IT area, we are creating conscience and awareness…



  • Uwe,

    You make an extremely valid point and I made an effort to write some non-technology blogs about SAP HCM Talent Management this year (such as SAP HCM Talent Management Terminology, The Development Plan in SAP HCM Talent Management, Preparing for an SAP HCM Talent Management Implementation, Analytics for Talent Management and Talent Management: All about Sustainability) as well as my usual ones. They’re HR though, so you won’t find them listed in this blog 😉 . I wanted to cover both SAP HCM related and general Talent Management topics in order to provide more knowledge to those implementing the technology to support Talent Management technologies.

    Best regards,


    • Exactly Luke 🙂

      They’re HR though, so you won’t find them listed in this blog 😉

      I used to do a lot of ABAP for HR eleven year ago…but not anymore…and I don’t even know how HCM looks like after all this years…it would be irresponsible from me to choose blogs on a topic that I don’t feel comfortable with…and again…Jarret does a great job so why duplicate our individual efforts?



  • Uwe:

    Thanks for the clarification. Regarding the applications and our customer’s problem using them…keep in mind that this is my personal list…something that I do because I love this community and not something I got paid to do…I love technology, so I choose blogs based on technology…every end of the year I spend 2 or 3 full days browsing millions on blogs…about topics that interest me and that I least have some experience about.

    And I don’t want to sound harsh…but if you thing this something that we should do…be my guest and do it yourself 🙂 Jarret Pazahanick does a great job doing his own list for HCM and SuccessFactor and I love that…because those are not topics that really interest me…so I’m glad that there’s someone there to fill the gap…



  • Uwe:

    I might found great PP, MM, SCM, HR and so forth on 2013…but reality is…I don’t really know about them…and to be honest…I don’t even care about them…I list blogs on topics that I have some knowledge or at the very least, that interest me…I would love to add a topics for every single topic on SCN…but if right now it takes me 2 or 3 full days…how much will it take me to include even more categories? A full week? Sorry…but I’m not willing to go down that path…I have a job…and I very thankful that I can spend 2 or 3 full days working on this list, even when it’s not related to my job…so spending more time it’s totally out of the question…



  • Mr.Uwe

    I understand exactly what you are saying – historically the SCN was initally based at developers i.e. technologistics which is why you might expect all the blogs to be about technology. Then a “business process expert” stream started as well, and you would think the target audience for this would write blogs on the exactly what you describe i.e. PP / SD / MM and the like. The two streams were then merged into the SAP community network. I presume what you were hoping for – blogs on usage of the actual application modules like SCM and the like within the SAP site never happend.

    If all the programmer / technology people (like me) keep writing blogs – and they certainly do, hence the vast amount of blogs that Mr.Blag gets to choose from – then I suppose the question is, why don’t the – no doubt massive – amount of people who are experts in PP etc do the same?

    Anyway, Frohe Weinacht


  • Great list, Blag – thank you. I see all my own picks here. 🙂

    With the blog moderation getting very lose I think such list will become even more useful. Sometimes it feels like SCN is drowning in meaningless “blog noise”, unfortunately.

    By the way, if you read my blog, you would’ve known how to sort the blog list by creation date, ahem. 🙂

    • Jelena:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 And yes…I totally forgot about the creation date thing 🙁 When I remember it…I had already check hundreds of blogs…and got lazy enough to check the ones I already had…next time for sure 😉



  • Your best picks are always a great reading list for the commnunity, Blag, thank you for publishing!
    I was very surprised to be featured this year because honestly I wrote my blog within a few minutes, late at night, just like that. I feel honored to be listed next to bloggers such as Thorsten Franz or Marilyn Pratt who share immense knowledge and wisdom, and many others that I respect a lot!
    Thank you,


    • Laure:

      Doesn’t matter if you wrote it on 5 minutes or in 2 days 🙂 What matters is the value that your blog bring to the community…specially dealing with points which is a sensitive area 😉

      Happy 2013!