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Welcome to The Customer Edge

What is The Customer Edge?  In principle, The Customer Edge represents a changing paradigm of how businesses interact with their customers. Similar to cutting edge or bleeding edge, The Customer Edge represents a variety of emerging trends that are giving rise to a new, empowered customer.


This inaugural blog post on The Customer Edge is designed to welcome you and your colleagues to this fresh new hub for conversations around providing an optimal customer experience. When SAP set out to engage with a business-focused community, first we listened. Then we blogged, we responded, we chatted, we engaged, we participated in many of the conversations that were already taking place – on branded communities, on mainstream social channels, on blog aggregation sites and on forums.


Through all of that learning over the past few years, one thing stands out. Consumers are evolving the customer experience faster than most companies can wrap their thought process around it – and the bar of expectations will rise faster and faster.  We’re reaching out to those of you who are passionate about selling, marketing and serving customers better than ever before.  This community is for you.

You’ll be able to glean insights into how to exponentially improve customer service practices and solve issues better and faster to improve customer support.   You’ll be able to get a better handle on big data for marketing and customer engagement. You’ll understand the art of strategic selling and executing better.

We want to encourage participants to look at different perspectives, and that’s why we’re inviting thought leaders and industry experts to join, as well as CMOs, VPs of Customer Experience or others within the lines of business who interact with customers across multiple channels and platforms such as mobile, social, and cloud.


To you: Sales Managers, Customer Support professionals and Digital Marketing specialists and more – we look to bring you perspectives that come to us in real time from those business voices who matter to you.

So pass it along, share, retweet, connect, and above all tell us what you like about this new Customer Edge experience. After all, if there is one thing we’re convinced of – its that we all value relevant content – for you, personally, and for your customers. To you, our audience, community and peers – we’ll take your lead, so join the conversation with us, and have fun doing it!

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