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The latest version of SAP Afaria is planned to provide key features for enterprises:

  • Enterprise Integration 
    • Deeper directory integration is intended to provide connection to multiple disparate directories for authentication and assignments which aim to provide trusted policy set up and simplify user on boarding for distributed systems. The distribution of data stored in directory values is planned for use with policy configuration to streamline the onboarding of BYOD devices.
    • Enhanced email access control and device remediation aim to provide greater scalability and security for large organizations that have multiple enterprise access control components in a distributed landscape.
    • Expanded PKI certificate management is planned to provide granular and secure control over the management and delivery of certificates.
  • Application Management 
    • App portal enhancements aim to simplify the user experience by providing a familiar landscape that can be branded to a company while increasing mobile worker efficiency by guiding and instructing users how to leverage the most beneficial mobile applications that apply to their role.
    • New API for SAP Afaria and app policy features are planned for “zero-touch” setup so administrators can create and securely deploy apps without users needing to enter most app setup information, for example, server address, domain or, user name. This is planned to help significantly reduce help desk calls and create a more pleasant onboarding experience.
  • IT Services for BYOD and Enterprise Devices 
    • Self-service portal updates are planned to simplify the interface used by mobile users to onboard and manage their devices as well as enable organizations to build their own custom interface.
    • Broad Samsung SAFE support for Android devices with planned additional email and security capabilities.
    • iOS enhancements are intended to provide increased jailbreak detection and support for regions of the world where jail-broken devices are prevalent; increased iOS configuration and application management capabilities are planned

*** Check out the full press release ***

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Alison,

    We are on SAP Afaria7.0. We do not see any Delivered Dashboards/reports with it (Except 2-3 basic reports of Total devices etc). I saw in below video where it has been told that tool has number of analytics inbuilt.

    But I did not find anything out of 60 reports, working on our application Do you have any idea if any addtional component need to be installed or so with Afaria7?



    1. Former Member

      Hello Bal, appreciate the post and request.  The extensive reporting functionality called out in the video refers to the use of business objects functionality.  Many SAP mobile customers make use of both SAP Afaria and Business Objects to establish a customized mobile dashboard.

      There are also embedded reports natively in SAP Afaria as well.



      1. Former Member

        Hi Adam,

        Thanks for comment,

        Yeah, my point is there are no more delivered Business Objects Explorer Infospaces or Dashboards in Ver7.0 which were available earlier. I am not sure why SAP has not yet delivered BO analytics for New version which were available in old versions. OR we are missing any component to load them in new version?



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