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SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge: SAPsquare

This portal is for SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge. I dont know where to put it, in UI or Geek. It is only a simple imitation of FourSquare. A company which wants employees simply check-in. And as I said before it is so simple. It is tested by Alvaro Tejada Galindo. He asked me for a lot of features, but I dont have time for them, sorry dude 🙂 And also some requested features are not supported yet. I want to thank him here.

When user logged in portal, see list of people checked in, a list of places near-by. Nearby places are listed using browsers location, so user must allow browser to get location. And with this location info, portal make a request to Google Places via API to get places. And location info is also supported on mobile devices, so portal is also compatible on mobile.


When user clicks “Check-In” button on the right side of places a new page comes for check-in. In this page user can publish check-in using Twitter.


And the people list… In this list user can see people where they checked-in. And selecting a record user can see it on map. You see in list null null value, it is about NW Cloud. You cannot get other usesr info. But null null value is equal to Alvaro 🙂 You can see where he checked in while testing portal 🙂


It does not take much time for me building this portal. I struggled with Google Places API and some javascript code for that. But I can say it was easy to build it.

Thanks for reading.

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