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Content is king…..or is it a prisoner?!

2012 has been a big year for my development and the development of the site I am responsible for. We have seen nearly 1000 new pages of content added to the site, 1000’s of new assets added and amended. We have seen the development of the site go from strength to strength, and I am pleased to say, the way the team uses the site has improved dramatically.

We have many challenges ahead. Integrating paid search, integrating Social Media into the site better, refining the journey our customers take, improving the YourSAP nurture platform to serve our customers better. But for me, one of the key areas of attention will be around the content on the site.

Throughout my career in marketing, if I had a penny for every time I heard someone say “content is king” I would probably not be working now and be sunning myself on some exotic island. But the comment is true. Customers come to websites to find relevant information and to help them decide the approach they want to take regardless of whether it’s B2B or B2C.

Where we run into trouble is around gated content, or content with a form. When do you introduce it, should you introduce it, what do you “gate” and “not gate”? There are so many thoughts and theories. To my thoughts, having no forms at all is just  as bad as having too many forms on your site, in different ways, but it’s still not ideal.

Gated content has it’s place… once the customer is ready to engage. We have all experienced the “download a brochure, give us your details” etc and the decision of..”do I do this, cos I know they will call and I am just looking” panic that grips you at this point.

If gated content is used in the right place, it has it’s place.. our nurture portal is showing significantly better interaction rates than general forms. But its when you put forms all over the site, that you run in to problems. You don’t meet a girl and ask her to marry you the same day… well most people don’t. (Thanks Alex for the image! 🙂 ) There is a period of “getting to know” and as companies, we should engage in this. It doesn’t drive direct Leads, and I know for many that is the issue… but in the long run it will provide better relationships with our customers.

Please let me have your thoughts. I would be really interested to hear. And can I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!


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