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IDOC Error Segment Detail ALV Tool Deployment Instructions


The blog provides you the source code of the IDOC Error Segment Detail ALV Report that is a bit more friendlier than WE02 and less technical to the business users. It allows the business user to filter the IDOCS based on the IDOC segment values and allows him to choose the IDOC segment fields that he is interested to view in ALV output in one screen. It eliminates the need for the business team to drill down IDOC further to identify the IDOC data content.The tool will help them to resolve the data errors more quickly than before. Please refer the blog IDOC Error Segment Detail ALV Report for further details.

Source Code and Instructions

Step 1 : Create ABAP class ZCL_IDOC_DETAIL_REPORT in SE24 with the following methods and parameters.

  Method READ_IDOC_DATA Parameters


   Method READ_IDOC_METADATA Parameters



Step 2 : Copy the ABAP source code snippet using the source code based editor. Please save and activate.ATT.JPG    

Step 3: Create the text symbols in the ABAP class using SE24 as shown below.


Step 4:  Create the report ZIDOC_SEG_DETAIL_REPORT using the SE38 editor and copy the source code snippet. Please save and activate.

Step 5 : Create the selection texts and text symbols for the report ZIDOC_SEG_DETAIL_REPORT using the SE38 editor as shown below.

  Selection Texts.JPG


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