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HTML 5: … and now for something completely different!

In April 2012 I wrote, that the HTML5 export option for SAP BO Dashboards (Xcelsius) is likely to be available by the end of the year. SAP has released SP5 in mid-November. The most important standard components can now be drawn with HTML5. And what is the situation for visualizations with graphomate in HTML5?

Everyone talks about HTML5. But is HTML5 still only a “is a markup language for structuring and presenting content” – as it can be read in Wikipedia?

No, it is much more: the keyword HTML5 takes the desktop into the Web. The interaction of HTML5, CSS and javascript allows the creation of applications, which we – until now – only knew from our desktop: fast, secure, working offline and with identical use on all devices – take a look here. User-friendliness is the center of attention.

But let us leave the brave new world for a moment. Things get interesting when it comes to the support of HTML5 by browsers – as you can see here, not all of them support all features. The Internet Explorer 8 is still the standard browser used by many German companies. That does make the use of HTML5 a bit complicated.

But I am convinced that despite all this the future of the World Wide Web is based on HTML5. Therefore, we from graphomate were challenged to make our drawing routines available to our customers in HTML5. The last months were influenced by this development but also by porting our SAP BO Dashboard to FLEX4.

We will finish our drawing routines by the end of the year.  You can see some examples which show the capacity of our development for the depiction of HICHERT®SUCCESS rules.

We have learned from our flash development and have revised our object model and the drawing routines. They are more flexible in use now. The next step is to integrate our development in SAP BO Dashboards (Xcelsius) and SAP BO Design Studio. At the SAP TechED it was announced that there will be SDKs for partners for both tools.

We are curious, whether they will be available with the SAP BO BI 4.1 by May, 2013 as announced before.

One thing remains the same: Xcelsius is „alive and kicking“!

Having finished our FLEX4 development just in time fort he „general availability“ of SP4, we will deliver our new release 1.3. of the graphomate addon in January 2013.

I also have a Christmas tree made with graphomate diagrams – astonishing, what you can realize with our addon and SAP BO Dashboards (Xcelsius) :-)

Happy seasons greeting and a happy new year,


PS: Just published my blog entry and now I receive a message, that the HTML5 standard was declared to be ready by W3C – perfect timing!

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