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How to access ASAP Methodology for Implementation V8

This document is very brief overview of how users of SAP Service Marketplace can access the ASAP Methodology for Implementation V8.

1. Open ASAP page on SAP Service Marketplace –

2. Select ASAP Implementation Roadmap node on the left (or link in the text on the right)


3. Launch the Agile or Standard variant of ASAP Methodology V8


4. Access ASAP Methodology Content in Service Marketplace. Each deliverable provides WBS Dictionary Definition; List of tasks supporting creation of deliverable including accountability information; links to accelerators, templates and samples as shown below.


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  • Hi,

    Is there any way I can download all the documentation of ASAP 8 methodology from a single folder? I browsed the views you suggested above, but I have to go to each phase, sub-phase to get the documentation & accelerators.

    Please advise. 

    • At this time the ASAP 8 methodology is accessible through the Service Marketplace as outlined above or you can access the content in your local copy of SAP Solution Manager (transaction RMMAIN). Both contain the same assets, accelerators and samples.

  • Karl,

    all you need to do is have your technical team install the latest ST-ICO content package for SAP Solution Manager. Your system admin of SAP Solution Manager will be able to find more details on

    In ASAP 8 we no longer have business add-on packages. Instead we have roadmap pre-selections that contain all the content relevant for specific type of project – e.g. A2O, Agile or Standard. Also HANA pre-selection is now available. if you want to browse the content on your own without installing it to SAP Solution Manager.

  • Jan:

    How do I get a id and password to get into the :  SAP Service Marketplace

    we are implementing a SAP project here and I would like to confirm SAP Methodologies are all being used in the proper.

    Thanks for your help


    • You can access the ASAP methodology on SAP Service Marketplace or in SAP Solution Manager. In case you need the methodology as off-line version you can extract it from Solution Manager and use that off-line.

      Our goal is to bring people up to date content and the best way to do that is on-line and with content updates in SAP Solution Manager.

      Regards, Jan

      • Jan.  The site has a message that the content area and it’s sub-sections have been moved to the new support area Methodologies | SAP Support Portal and will no longer be maintained in the service site.  While the Service site has access 5 ASAP 8 methodologies, the Support site has access to only the simplified RDS ASAP 8.

        Is this an oversight to be corrected or is SAP backing away from maintaining such  comprehensive methodologies.

        • Hello Nick.

          Thank you for bringing this up to the community’s attention. Note that the design of the new pages is slightly different than the SAP Service Marketplace. But all the content is still there.

          You can access specific methodology view by clicking on the tabs at the middle of the screen to show the access link via the button. In addition to Simplified RDS you will see A2O, HANA, Agile and Standard – just like the ones we had on the Service Marketplace pages.

          Regards, Jan