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DSLayer: Explorer Gets No Love Recap

In one of our more lively more recent shows, we spend a little time talking about SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.  We all know it and like it, but in reality, why doesn’t it get the same kind of love that the other tools get?

Later on twitter, Mani Srinivasan chimes in: “@oswaldxxl @DSLayered Explorer is being loved and used by many. The web sharing of #SAPVISI is via Explorer. So, investments are safe“.

Also on twitter, Kurt Bilafer adds: “Just listening 2 #Explorer Gets No Love #BI4 #BusinessObjects – take a look & listen @DSLayered

Enjoy the show notes below and listen in to the latest episode.  Stop by the comments and tell us what you think.

:25 – We embark upon Season 3 Episode 2.:45 – Regrouping with old friends, Jamie reveals he’s not opposed to starting with a good drink, then turning towards a not-so-good drink.

1:37 – Community news, ASUG Annual Conference call for papers was extended (but is now expired).  Hopefully you will be seeing your DSLayer pals on the agenda.

3:40 – Shameless plug for EV Technologies BetterBOBJ web casts!

3:55 – The topic at hand…Explorer Gets No Love.

4:08 – It’s official: Jamie loves it.  +1  Let’s talk about how Arch Coal is using Explorer.

5:00 – IT controls the build of the InfoSpace.  Not an end user development tool.

6:55 – No, you CANNOT put everything into Explorer.  Who is this thing for, anyway?

9:40 – Let’s talk about the limits of Explorer.

11:40 – Universes are perfect.

13:00 – Say what you will, nobody said Explorer adoption is actually fast.

14:46 – Polestar.  Chuckle chuckle.

15:08 – Greg called it.  Data discovery will be the future of how we approach BI.

15:30 – Exploration Views as a differentiator?

20:08 – But, what about SAP Visual Intelligence?  Apples or oranges or both?

23:55 – When will SAP Visual Intelligence be the analysts choice?

24:40 – Are Explorer and Vidi like peanut butter and jelly?  Mmmm….peanut butter and jelly.

28:40 – “The trick is figuring out what to put in there.”

31:35 – Accelerated Explorer is way cooler than your non-accelerated Explorer.

32:56 – Argument: Explorer and Visi don’t meet the same need.  Point/counter-point.

35:58 – Jamie is complicated.  Or was it Visi?

36:20 – Jamie has the reasons for lack of adoption pegged.

38:29 – Stay tuned for the end of year, wrap up show!

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