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DS Upgrade from 4.0 SP2 to 4.0 SP3

We have DS 4.0 SP2 and want/need to upgrade to SP3 because we’re upgrading our BIP & CMS to 4.0 SP4. Previously on the BIP server we had no DS components installed (only the URL to Data Services Management Console). We have been advised that in doing the upgrade of DS Client Tools (N.B. not BIP Client Tools – which are a separate product) that we need to apply the DS Client Tools upgrade also to our BIP server even though there are no DS components on the BIP server. The ‘consultant’ who advised this has now moved on, so no way of questioning this recommendation. Can any DS experts advise why this might have been deemed necessary/desirable? (BTW: Applying the upgrade did give an error on the BIP server, but then continued to the end.) Thanx

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  • 1) You should post this as a question.

    2) I believe there must have been a misunderstanding. The DS Client installs the Designer.

    The Designer is the “client” in the DS environment.

    3) Did you install the DS Admin Console/Web tier with the installer? If so, that should be upgraded to have all elements you installed on the same patch level on the different machines.



  • 1. “Can any DS experts advise why this might have been deemed necessary/desirable?”

    (This is a question : as denoted by terminal ? symbol, and verb before subject – a common syntax in many languages.)

    2. No misunderstanding – these upgrade instructions were produced in written format by aforesaid ‘consultant’

    3. Yes, the DS Management Console is installed on BIP server, but no other DS Client tools. Maybe this is the part of the DS Client Tools that needs to be patched on upgrade. On inspection, this seems to be only a URL – but then again I’m not a DS consultant. Hence my question.