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Can you use NW Cloud to run … MediaWiki?

Yes! Enjoy having MediaWiki running on top of Neo. You can create now your own Wikipedia-like project.


A crucial pre-requisite although is that PHP is installed and made usable from within Neo. See my blog on how to get PHP running in Neo to see how it can be done (you’ll also need to have Jenkins running).

Use Jenkins to bring MediaWiki files to Neo

After making the MediaWiki binaries available in my PHP project in Neo, everything is set to install and configure Media Wiki. The files are unzipped to:


Install MediaWiki

Calling this directory in the browser:


The screen that opens shows that PHP is working and MediaWiki is not installed nor configured. To start, it’s just clicking the “complete the installation” link!



This triggers a pre-configuration check of your system. The message: “The environment has been checked. You can install MediaWiki” is a good motivation to continue.

Attention: Many additional / optional programs are not installed and MediaWiki will use the internal HTTP ports of Neo (8041)

Database configuration

My version of PHP available on Neo is compiled with SQLite support. Yes, this does mean it really won`t make sense using Neo for large scale wiki sites. HANA is also not on the list of supported databases for media wiki (hint SAP, hint: Wikipedia powered by HANA! Imagine the marketing opportunity).



After some additional configuration, MediaWiki is ready to be installed. It’s important that the installer finishes with no reported errors.



Congratulations! MediaWiki is installed on Neo:


Activate installation

To complete the installation, the file LocalSettings.php needs to be downloaded. Before the file can be copied to the MediaWiki root directory (using Jenkins), it needs to be adjusted to how the program will be executed. As can be seen in the initial configuration screen, MediaWiki is using the internal port number. The line containing the internal port 8041 needs to be adjust to use the external port 80.


$wgServer = "http://wiki<account>";


$wgServer = "http://wiki<account>";

If you want, you can make it correct for all URLs and also change:

$wgEmergencyContact = apache@<server>";
$wgPasswordSender = "apache@<server>";


That’s all. Now MediaWiki can be accessed by calling the URL: 

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