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SAP Browser Add in

Is there an SAP browser or SAP Logon add-in like there are PDF add-in’s?

What I am trying to do:
Using Share Point I have created a internal company SAP communication and knowledge portal for new and current users.
One of the function of the site will be to help the user Get Started using SAP, it walks them how to request access, etc… Once they have gotten the SAP installed from the “getting started” page of the website, I’d like them to be able to click on the SAP logon image
SAP_LogOn which would be the trigger to open the SAP GUI12-14-2012 4-22-08 PM
It seems simple enough but I know there are security issues and most browsers block code to start up .exe files…but I know there are PDK add-in’s and was hoping there might be an SAP browser or SAP logon add-in similar to PDF add-in’s that I could plug in and link it to the saplogon.exe file and run it….

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