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Mobile BI – A POC in an Hour

It is a pleasant saturday and i got the oppurtunity to present the topic on “Mobile BI – A POC in an Hour” using Android simulator at the

“SAP Inside Track” event held at Chennai,basically it was a demo created using Business Objects and Android Simulator


  1. SAP Business Objects 4.0 SP4
  2. Android Simulator 2.3.3


  • Download Android SDK from (
  • Unzip and store in your local drive,navigate to the following folder (..\Android 2.3.3 Update\2.3.3 Update\android-sdkwindows\tools)
    • Click Android


  • Create a New AVD as given below and click start


So now the simulator is ready and we need to copy the SAP Mobile BI from Google Playstore

  • Sap_Mobile_BI.apk

Then we need to install the app inside the simulator,below is the command to use

  • adb -d install path/to/your/app.apk

Once it is done then it will be displayed as given below,now the simulator is ready with SAP Mobile BI App


Mobile Server Configuration

  • Install mobile server when you install Business Objects Enterprise.
  • If you have already a BOE server running, install a supported web application server
  • Deploy WAR files – “MobileBIService.war” from the source location SAP  (BusinessObjects\Mobile 12\Server) file to the following SAP BusinessObjectswebapps.
  • Confirm configuration values for (To create Mobile Category , also add #Ipad as well)
  • Verify server is running after restart (http://server:port/MobileBIService/MessageHandlerServlet?message=GetVersion) , if the webpage shows success then the configuration is completed.

Publish Reports to Mobile BI

  • Create a sample report using E-Fashion universe as specified below
  • Create a category “Mobile” under personal or Corporate Category,then save the report under Mobile category (The report needs to be saved under mobile category then only it will be displayed in Mobile Simulator )

Efashion Report.jpg

Open the SAP Mobile BI App ,then create a new connection

mobile bi2.png

  • Once the connection is created ,then you can see the reports that are available under Mobile Category
  • Click the report which has been created in webi (Specified above)

Mobile bi.jpg

  • you can see the same report in android simulator and also you can see the alerters applied in the report
  • Even you can drill the report from store wise /wp-content/uploads/2012/12/drill_166901.jpg
  • The final report is shown below


The following functionality is working

  • Alerters
  • Filters
  • Drill Functionality
  • Issue with displaying charts and it is throwing “Content not support” error

So by this way we can push the reports to android simulator.

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