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Introducing the Top 5 #Cloud or #CloudComputing Tweets of the Week

Top Ten.JPGI don’t watch David Letterman’s show too much but have always been a fan of his Top 10 lists. Seems like he can make every mundane subject funny.  With that in mind, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and publish the Top 5 Cloud Tweets of the week.

I’ll try to make this information both interesting + useful but beware – keep your eyes out for some punchy commentary, humor or opinion.  

One Shout Out – This might be construed as a shameless rip-off of my colleague Ryan Somers, but remember, “Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

The criteria for a Top Tweet might include:

1) New perspective on the Cloud

2) Interesting Customer story/mention

3) Something cool

4) What the pundits are saying

5) Anything else?

Here goes with the Top 5 for this week in no particular order.

Cloud Creation

Answers the question, Why move to the Cloud?  Also provides some interesting data points on Internet adoption and Internet connected devices.  coffee.JPG

Investment perspectives on SaaS/Cloud vs. Hardware companies

1) SaaS/Cloud company enterprise valuations (EV) are up 20% YTD (“11% of total software spending by the largest 100 companies in the US was bought in the SaaS or subscription model.”)

2) Travails of Dell and HP are evident (EV down 30% and 40% respectively)


70% of German organizations are “afraid” of the Cloud?
Article in German, so use Google translator. Bottom line this information is based on interviews with 1,000 German citizens so it’s not a B2B survey.
Main concern about securing personal information.


I love anything “half baked” so this tweet/blog is a winner.  Two points:

1) Non-IT companies grow their business as Cloud providers -> Look how UPS has evolved into a “logistics company” from a “package delivery service”. The same thing could happen for companies that have a core competency in anything – think insurance or law.

2) Glimmer of hope for IT Managers with the “Rise of IT Managers into the business.”

7half baked.JPG

#Cloud inspired designs

Indoor and outdoor Cloud landscapes.  Not tech related, but if you are an interior designer, include the cloud in your next project.

Crazy Cloud.JPG

Hope you found this enjoyable or slightly educational.

If you see an interesting Cloud Tweet and want to include it, drop me an email and I’ll give you a shout-out.

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