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IDoc Communication between BI and ECC during Extraction

On execution of BI InfoPackage for data extraction, having ECC as Source system, below steps are performed between ECC & BI Systems:

1.     BI System Generates a request IDoc (RSRQST)

2.     This Request Idoc is sent to the Application Link Enabler (ALE) inbox of the source system.

3.     This Request IDoc contains information such as:

a.     Request ID (REQUEST),

b.    Request date (REQDATE),

c.     Request time (REQTIME),

d.    Info-Source (ISOURCE),

e.     Update mode (UPDMODE).

Above mentioned and other relevant details can be viewed by “WE02” T-Code by Filtering the Message type by “RSRQST” / Basic Type of Idoc by “RSREQUST”.

4.     The source system (ECC) acknowledges the receipt of this Request Idoc (RSRQST) by sending an Info IDoc (RSINFO) back to the BI system.

a.     Idoc Status is 0 if it is OK or 5 for a failure.

5.     Incase of successful transit of the first IDoc between ECC – BI, Source system (ECC) starts its processes of extraction process in the source system as requested by the Request Idoc (RSRQST).

6.     A Request beginning with “BI_REQ*” starts in ECC. This request can be monitored via “SM37” T-Code of ECC.

7.     A new info Idoc (RSINFO) with status 1 is sent to BI System by ECC System. This new Info Idoc confirms the start of the data load extraction job in the source system.

8.     Upon completion of the processing of Request IDoc status, the status of this Request Idoc is changed to Status 53.

9.     Extraction & Transfer of data from ECC to BI is done in Data Packages via TRFCs.

10.  Another info IDoc (RSINFO) is triggered from ECC to BI with status = 2. This Idoc sends information to BI about the data package number and number of records transferred.

11.  When all data records are extracted from ECC and transferred to BI,  an info IDoc (RSINFO) with status = 9 is sent to BI. This Idoc confirms the extraction process.

12.  If no data is found in the source system for extraction, an info IDoc (RSINFO) communicates this to the BW system with status = 8.

Incase, the DataLoad at any phase fails to extract data from ECC to BI, the Status of Idoc turns to Erroneous State (Status 51 or Status 9 – if the DataLoad fails in its 1st IDoc Transit.

In any case of failed data load and fixes, below are the steps performed:

1.     1.     Check and Fix the Error in Source  (ECC) / Target (BI) System / Both.

2.     2.     Retrigger the InfoPackage for DataLoad Request.

3.     3.     In this case, new Idoc gets triggered from BI and is sent to ECC.

4.     4.     Above steps from Step 1 to Step 12 are repeated again.

Now, regarding the failed Idocs that were triggered earlier, these Idocs cannot be reprocessed.

On trying to Re-Process the Failed Idocs within BI or ECC (“BD87” is the T-Code for Idoc Reprocessing), these will fail again with the relevant Error Message.

These failed Request – Info Idocs get archived as per the archival schedule setup for the system.

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