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Risk Analysis in SAP Spend Performance Management

What is Risk Analysis?

Risk Analysis facilitates evaluations of risk potentials. Risk Analysis is performed by navigating risk attributes and by associating risks attributes with relevant dimensions and measures.

Use Case

For example, Supplier Risk Analysis in SAP Spend Performance Management facilitates supplier risk analysis by navigating hierarchical risks attributes from overall risk category (e.g., Supplier Risk) to detail risk categories (e.g., Financial Risk and Legal Risk); and associates these hierarchical risk attributes with relevant dimensions, such as Supplier; and with relevant measures, such as Spend Amount. (SAP internal reference:

Below is a demonstration of risk analysis in term of risk attribute navigation with relevant dimension and measure.

1. Top level risk category – Supplier Risk

SAP Spend Management Risk Analysis.png

2. Level 2 risk category – Payment Risk


3.  Level 3 risk category – Payment Score Risk


4. Level 4 Risk Category – Qualifier Risk


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    • Hi Tobias,

      The link contains information that is for SAP-internal use. If you have access to SAP corporate portal, you should be able to access the link. I tested the link, and it still works.

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