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How to show off your Design Studio dashboard outside your local (Wi-Fi) network

So you just installed SAP Design Studio, connected it to your HANA AWS box with an ODBC connection and clicked together your first Application. What’s next you might ask? Chances are you want to try out how your design looks on the iPad. Better yet, you want to show off the goods outside of your local Wi-Fi network, somewhere on the road, using the 3G connection. Look no further. I got the steps to do it!

1 – It’s all about design

First things to do is apply one of these nice looking themes to your design:


The WYSIWYG editor gave you Goosebumps, your happy with your design? You are ready to fire off that QR code:


2 – It’s all about your IP

What just happened is that Design Studio generated an URL pointing to “localhost”, which is basically the IP of your local machine:


Not very useful when you want to run the Application on your iPad. In that case “localhost” will point to the local IP address of your iPad. Guess what, that one is different to the one your PC is using.

Getting the IP of your machine however is easy. Get a command prompt (CMD) and type in IPCONFIG:


You can just take your “localhost” URL and replace it with the IP as shown above. Paste this into the Safari browser of your iPad:

Be sure to tick “allow external access” so that the build in web server is activated:


Your firewall will most likely prompt you to add an exception, so be sure to accept this.

As long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network, you will see magic now!

3 – It’s all about your external IP

So what do you need to do to get your dashboard running outside of your Wi-Fi network? Easy, just port forward your local IP in your router. This will vary per type of router, but believe me, it works all the same:


Ready for that final step, find out your external IP via so that you know how to format the URL and consume your dashboard on your iPad, outside your local network!

It will look something like this:

Your done! Go on the road, fire off that URL on your iPad 3G and surprise yourself and your customer!

Thank you for reading this and take care,


Note, you’re exposing your data to the outside World. This is for dummy data only!

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  • Ronald ,

    Its a useful post to share application within network .

    I did try to share applications to users with the following link and it didnt work .

    Do i have to enable anything else for others to access my  applications ? I am not sure if there is a security or firewall enabled , which is preventing to access my embedded webserver.

    I allowed external access to embedded web server and network port is 8080.

    Any suggestions on troubleshooting ?

    • Pramod,

      While you may have outbound access, most corporate firewalls will not allow inbound traffic to workstations via a NAT/VPN/firewalls or routing rules.

      I’ve actually used Ronald’s technique before to run DS in an Amazon AWS micro Windows instance since then you control your own firewall rules, etc.  It definitely works if your network environment supports it.

  • Hello Guys,  I tried to implement this solution, but it doesn’t work. Some information, i did a ping using the external IP adress in another computer and it works, but the link doesn’t show the dashboard. Also I tried using iphone but still the same. Please, any suggestion is much appreciated.