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Step by step how to Configure System for using MOPZ

In this document I will show how to configure system for using MOPZ


Maintenance Optimizer (for short, MOPZ) is a part of Solution Manager

It is intended to help in Enhancement Package (EHP) installations,

upgrades and Support Package Stack updates Maintenance Optimizer keeps track of your

upgrades/updates/enhancement package installs with CRM-based documents

calculates and downloads the files needed, and generates an XML with the  package queue for EHPI or SPAM


1.       This documents is only for Java system

2.       Solution Manager 7.1 Sp05

Before we start we should push the system to SLD – use “Collect and send data” in NWA

After that check if the system exist in SLD



1.       The System exists in SLD?


Picture 1.0

2.       The system exists in SMSY?


Picture 1.1

3.       The system exists in LMDB?


Picture 1.2

Connect the system:

Part 1:

Go to transaction code LMDB and choose the system u want to connect:


Picture 2.0

Now u see new windows are open please press software and “Assign to product system”


Picture 2.1

Create new product system:

insert the name of your system and press create


Picture 2.2


Confirm the massage

Picture 2.3

Assign the Product instance:

Assign the producy instance are installed on your system


Picture 2.4

Now check if the system is under product system in SMSY

Press transaction code “SMSY” and search your system




Picture 2.5


Picture 2.6

In pics 2.5 and 2.6 we can see our system in SMSY and we can see the product version, the system number, the product instance.

Part 2:

Assign logical component

Go to SMSY transaction code – System group and logical components –> logical component (pics 3.0)


Picture 3.0


Picture 3.1

Search your product version, (SAP NETWEAVER, ERP, CRM etc)

Its very important to choose the right product.


Press on edit  and press the windows under the type of the system (Dev, QA, and PRD)

Picture 3.2

After u choose your write product (pics 3.1) u see your system in the System assigment (pics 3.2)

Part 3:

Assign to Solution:

After we assign the system to Logical component we need to assign the system to Solution

Go to transaction code SMSY – System group and logical components – Solution landscape


     Choose your solution or create it

Picture 4.0


Press the edit button and select your system:

Picture 4.1


Picture 4.2

After we choose the system we see the windows like the below screen


Picture 4.3

The configuration is ended

Now we can go to MOPZ and choose our Solution and calculate your stack


Picture 5.0

SAP Sources:

Best Regards

Naor Shalo

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  • One thing: In SP05 of Solution Manager 7.1 , Maintenance Optimizer does not use SMSY.

    So it’d be better to explicitly say this.

    I think it is misleading for troubleshooting purposes to include SMSY in a Solution Manager 7.1 SP5 MOPZ guide.

    Best regards,

    Miguel Ariño