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SAP HANA Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge: Knowledge Portal

Please consider this contribution to the SAP HANA Cloud Portal (NWCP) End of Year Challenge being part of the geek side.

Why is it a geek contribution? I did not write a geeky application for HANA CP, nor did I spent any time in creating a fancy UI. I am only using the standard design and the default widgets. However, I am using the underlying HANA cloud platform to bring MediaWiki (the wiki software running Wikipedia) to HANA CP. Not only does this mean that a PHP application is running on Neo, a PaaS realized in Java, but it does also mean that the most used wiki system is running on top of SAP software.

HAN CP is a portal, as such, it is possible to enhance every web page with portal features like application integration, role based access and aggregation of content from different sources. This features enable you to deliver individual content to each user. Combining this now with a Wiki makes it possible to create a knowledge worker site.

Of course, here the main interaction is happening inside the Wiki, as it is the central place for storing and retrieving information.

Start page:


Topic specific page:


To create a knowledge worker site it is actually not necessary to host your own wiki on HANA Cloud. You can also point the URL widget to the right location. In that case, the portal user may only access public available information, with the advantage that the content is already filtered. Think about information regarding a specific company or product. Although in that case, the users should be external users (like customers).

As you can see, the above example and use case were done in a few minutes (had enough work to get MediaWiki working on Neo). Nevertheless, it cleary shows the benefit of SAP HANA cloud portal combined with the also available feature to develop Java apps fro Neo or buy apps from SAP’s app store for cloud. No need to waste time to set up the infrastructure. Enhance existing applications by portal concept. Neo as PaaS has potential and applications like HANA CP can foster this.

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  • Hi Tobias,

    We’re preparing a clip to capture the best experiences and I’d like to iclude yours 🙂

    Is it possible for you to create a very short video that captures the cloud portal site you created? If not we’ll take some screenshots. (I assume you’re fine with sharing your site publicly)