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No more excuses for not protecting your SAP investment

Becoming an SAP Customer was a smart move: you chose a leader of the software industry to help you to run your business better, but this is costing you are time, money and resources, so why not protect your investment ?

There are all kinds of valid reasons for not implementing the tools to operate and maintain your system landscape, money, of course, but you my not be able to hire the new system administrators you need, or your IT department is overloaded, or your staff are not trained to use the tools and extract all of their potential, or any number of other reasons.

But, as the title of this article suggests, you no longer have any excuse for not protecting your SAP investment, since SAP has officially announced the new SAP Solution Manager as Managed Service, a new deployment option, adapted to your needs and budget.

So, what’s new? What is that? Simple, your Run SAP Partner, can now offer you a fully hosted SAP Solution Manager, without your needing to invest in hardware or software


The SAP Solution Manager as Managed Service gives you the following benefits immediately:

  • Make effective use of your SAP Enterprise Support contract
  • Cost reduction, because you no longer need to install and operate your own SAP Solution Manager
  • Reap the value of a proven platform for building and running SAP like a factory
  • Profit from support and services delivered by certified consultants
  • Reduce the time to market and TCO for ALM implementations

You can take advantage of the services offered by the partner, in one of two ways, as a partner-managed full service, or as a customer-managed self-service. A mixture between the two scenarios is possible.


This service is delivery exclusively by Run SAP partners who have certified consultants who can operate this innovative service to the highest standards, and, of course, will be in direct communication with SAP, to bring you the benefits of your SAP Enterprise Support contract, with a minimum investment.

If we have aroused your interest,contact your preferred Run SAP partner. They are listed under and we are planning to select pilot customers in January 2013

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  • Hello Luis,

    Can you redirect me to page which list a process to become a Certified SAP Solution Manager as Managed Service Partner?

    I am struggling to find the overall details from Registering for Run SAP partner program to finally getting certified.


    Pravin Bayaskar