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‘Format with multiple columns’ feature of the crystal report

Applies to:

SAP Crystal Reports 2008.This feature is present in other versions of crystal reports as well but the interface to do so will be different in that case, therefore the screenshots used in this document wont be suitable for that.

Author Bio


Author(s)     :  Jai Gupta

Company    :   Infosys Limited

Created on  :  14 December 2012

Jai Gupta works as Senior Systems Engineer in Infosys Limited. He has 2.9 years of experience in

SAP ABAP/BW/BO. Besides this, he has worked on Crystal related projects as well.


This document gives insight into the format multiple column feature available in the section expert of the details section in the crystal report as shown below.


In the above example, we can see that data is being represented in the form of blocks instead of normal tabular format as shown below.

2. After choosing this option, a new tab ‘layout’ will appear which was not there earlier.

3. In this tab, we can define the settings related to the size, gap between details and printing direction of the columns.Also, if we have groups in our report then we can check the box below to enable the setting for them as well.

4. After defining the setting click on ‘OK’ , you will see a staggered and clean section in the crystal as shown below.

5. In the clean section we will drag and drop the required fields from the field explorer as shown below. The main thing to be noted here is that we can place the fields vertically as well instead of normal horizontal placement.

6. After this, create the remaining crystal as required by business standard and preview the data as shown below.

Conclusion: In the data space, you will notice that the data is now being displayed in the grouped format than it does in a normal behavior.Hence our requirement has been met.

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