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First time win at Windows phone 8 dev camp

I had an absolutely fantastic time at the dev camp in London at the slightly wacky “modern Jago” venue. For those that missed this event today there is another event tomorrow.

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The dev camp day was crammed with subjects from the five day course, so the presenters were jumping from one subject to the next very quickly. But I actually prefer that type of event. I want to know a little bit on everything. Certainly the course was a very good introduction to developing Windows Phone 8 apps in relation to Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 RT.

At 17:00 we had to present our ideas on a App that would work on Windows Phone 8.

My idea was for a “Nurse Home Visit Care” App which was based on a SAP NW Gateway backend.

The story went like this:

The nurses WP8 device is push notified of visits she must make over the next two days, using JSON ODATA from NW Gateway. These visits had a snapshot of the Patients records including photo’s of the Patient and Front of house.

The nurse is able to use the application when holding the phone because the nurse has a badge on her uniform which doubles as a Bluetooth RFID tag. This tag number is used to SSO. When the phone is out of range of the Bluetooth ID tag the application is locked.

The app is based on a Pivot control (showing picture of Patient, front of house and address details) followed by a list and detail and more detail screens.

To get to the patent the nurse clicks on icon, this then uses Nokia map to plot a route.

When 10 minutes from patient the WP8 will send a text message “Hi its Jacky here, I will be calling on you in 10 minutes”

On arrival the patient Bluetooth ID tag is check automatically to ascertain whether the correct home has been visited.

The nurse hands the WP8 to the patient and patient watches (or hears) a video pre-recorded by doctor.

While watch the video the nurse hooks up a Bluetooth Heart rate monitor and Bluetooth blood monitor pressure monitor and a Bluetooth thermometer. These results are automatically read by the WP8 and the form of results filled in.

The patient is then given a brain reaction test using a game like part of the app involving shaking the phone when a sound or picture changes on WP8. The results are again automatically recorded.

The urine test stick is photographed and checked automatically by the WP8.

The oxygen cylinder amount is recorded by the nurse by speaking the values into the WP8 “oxygen 3.587”

If the nurse is in anyway concerned a doctor can be called using Skype.

Lastly a patient signature is recorded and printed report left using a Bluetooth printer.


For this story I won (First time I have even won anything) a Nokia Lumia 820 and years Nokia Developer Licence Programs. – Excellent 🙂

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