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China: Microcomputers Subject to Energy Efficiency Label Requirements starting 1-Feb-2013

Microcomputers added to the List of Products Subject to Energy Efficiency Label Requirements

Beginning on 1 February 2013, microcomputers (微型计算机) will be subject to a mandatory energy efficiency labeling requirement. Microcomputers manufactured or imported before 1 February 2013 will be exempted from the requirement.

Under the Measures on the Management of Energy Efficiency Labels (能源效率标识管理办法) of 13 August 2004, if a facility produces or imports for resale any products included in the List of Products Subject to Energy Efficiency Label, the facility must affix a “CHINA ENERGY LABEL” (中国能效标识) to the products or the packages of the products complying with the relevant national standards. The China Energy Label indicates, among other information, the energy efficiency grade (能效等级) of the specific product. The energy efficiency grading system ranges from 1 to 3, with grade 1 representing the most efficient products and grade 3 indicating the least efficient ones.

The Circular of the List of Products Subject to Energy Efficiency Label (the Tenth Batch) of 14 November 2012 adds microcomputers to the list of products that will be subject to the mandatory energy efficiency labeling requirement starting 1 February 2013. The Circular of 14 November 2012 also introduces Implementation Regulations on Energy Efficiency Labeling of Microcomputers (微型计算机能源效率标识实施规则) (the Implementation Regulations), which provide specific instructions on the format of the label, the standards in testing the energy consumption level of microcomputers, and the parties responsible for affixing such labels to the products, etc.

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