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“SIRI: What Will My Grandmother Bring Me for the Holidays?”

Graphic Mobile.PNGLet me preface this by saying that this isn’t exactly a holiday or gift-giving guide.  But shopping during the holiday season will certainly help to illustrate a point about where businesses are heading in order to fulfill customer expectations and deliver exceptional consumer experiences.  So, are you curious to learn about the future of social, mobile, and cloud experiences?  Just ask your resident six year-old.  And SIRI.

My child happened to pick up my iPhone, where he is allowed to play a fine game called “Stack the States”.  Among other fun trivia challenges, the game presents you with the outline of the United States, and in a random order one by one a state appears; you must pinky point the spot on our blank (no outlines) continent where that state belongs.  Full sized hands need not apply.

But on one particular day instead of stack the states my son – with a predilection for receiving answers to his questions – was using the iPhone to challenge SIRI to see just how many of his questions ‘she’ could answer.  I heard no limit to what SIRI could be answering.  And in his opinion, should be answering.

“SIRI: Why did you just give us the wrong directions back there?”

And then:

“SIRI: What will my grandmother bring me when she comes to visit?”

Well, if you’ve been reading Anthony Leaper on Forbes, you may have seen his recent blog post:  The Answer to the Question You Have Not Asked May Be the Question That Answers Everything  suggesting that businesses start to ask those impossible questions and prepare to expose the business transparency necessary to answer them.

And for another way of looking at it – I posted my son’s holiday question to SIRI on Facebook.   One of my friends, Frank G. a savvy consultant in the Czech Republic commented:

“I’d say valid question! Since everything happens online and Apple anyhow knows all you do SIRI could check grandma’s online purchases and.or Amazon and find out…smart boy!”

For more discussion on this exciting topic and more on the impact of Social on Sales, Marketing and Service in 2013, please sign up check out this WEBCAST from  and hear from experts: Shep Hyken, Anthony Leaper and Pam Moore.

Any comments or questions on the topic? Would be great to hear from you. Thanks

This post originally published on B2Community.

Graphic Mobile.PNG
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