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importance of short key in g/l masters

what is the importance of sort key in g/l master. what r the benefits we are having with this.

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  • Short key use for shorting document, like date wise or
    period wise.

    And also use for auto clearing Gl like cenvat eclearing acc. Cenvate suspense account, payable account , Gr/IR Account etc.

    It is control by when u creat G/L, There have a option of short key.

  • Hi Ramakrishna,

    Sort key defines which other field of the document will be copied into Assignment (ZUONR). For example, if you set sort key to 009 and you do not fill Assignment when entering a document, then it will be automatically filled with Reference from the header (BKPF-XBLNR). You can copy almost any field from BKPF or BSEG to Assignment this way.

    Sort key only fills the Assignment field if it is blank in the moment of posting (if it is not filled manually or with another program). For example, you cannot use it on bank statements because the standard transaction (FEBP) fills statement nr + item there.

    And why is it called “sort key”? Because the Assignment (ZUONR) is one of the top key fields in index tables of line items (BSIS / BSAS / BSIK / BSAK / BSID / BSAD) and it is used for default sorting of FI line items in transactions FBL1N (vendors), FBL3N (GL) and FBL5N (customers).

    Hope it helped!

  • Whenever any standard reports are executed for displaying the line items of customers or vendors or general ledgers, SAP uses the content of the Assignment number field as one of the criteria to sort and display the line items.

    Whenever a document is created, the Assignment number field in the document line items will be populated automatically depending on the sort keys assigned to the customers or vendors or general ledgers.

    The content of this Assignment number field can be populated in a customer or vendor or general ledger document when the document is created:

    • either manually
    • or automatically by the system

    Please refer to the document posted in SCN for further details –