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Transporting the SPM3.0 Custom reporting tree

Dear SPM  3.0 Users,

Here you go finding the way to Transport the SPM Custom Reporting tree in SPM 3.0

You have created your custom reports by using the Standard SAP reports in SPM 3.0 UI and you need to transport this custom reporting tree into the Target system Quality and
Production to use the reports which you have customized and developed using the Development environment.  To transport the custom reporting tree you can follow
some steps as mentioned below.

Step1: Go to SE38 in BI system and give theprogram name as
/POA/R_PST_TRS_CUST_CTN and execute

Step2: Once you execute the above mentionedprogram you will be asked for an input for two optionsOption 1: Partition NamespaceOption 2: Partition Sub Namespace

Step3: Give the input as” /SPM” for the option1and ignore the option 2.

Step4: Press the “Execute” button.

Step5: Once you execute the step4 it willdisplay the Root node along with the application and other custom createdfolders in SPM UI. Along with this
it’ll display two options for Export andImport.

Step6: After you execute Step4 you need toselect the required objects and folders that you need to transport to Targetsystem and Press the Push button “Export Selected”. Then it’ll ask forTransport request to save. Give the transport request and save it.

Step7: Release the Transport request in theDevelopment environment.

Step8: Got to the Target system and perform theStep1 till Step4.

Step9: Now you have to press the push button “ImportSelected” to import the transported objects.

Step10: Check in the SPM3.0 UI if the customreporting tree is visible as you required and transported.

Best regards,


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