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SAP Inside Track – Learning beyond the info-sessions

It was by chance that on Saturday afternoon instead of cycling around Bangalore, I decided to attend SAP Inside Track 2010. It was normal day to begin with but left much to munch on after the day. There were some very good sessions that day and there were some very good discussions which still linger on. But what startled me most was the strong sense of community focus. SAP developer network, the precursor to SCN, was such a vibrant community run by the people, for the people and of the people. The group was neatly divided based on Solutions & new wave of SAP products would have some news here. I was back then making a transition from a hard core product developer to mainstream consultant. I think the day had a very positive effect on me.

Though the effect was positive but procrastination delayed my entry into SAP SCN. But when I did, I think I did not look back. I answered questions on forums religiously, blogged and continued reading my stuff on SCN.During early days when my points in SCN surged, it gave me a high. It was my child like happiness to see my points surge that propagated me to Active Contributor Bronze and then to Active Contributor Silver. In the meanwhile, I had become keen follower of SAP SCN (though I am pretty disappointed with some of the missing features in SCN). I knew topic leader in my areas, fine-tuned my knowledge by understanding intricacies of the solutions and then tried to put to words my experience. Another very good happening after SIT2010 was I added some SAP mentors to my network. I had the access to articles from shared/written not only by them but also shared/created through their network.I think this opens a newer dimension for you as you gain insights about different things ranging from anything under the sun. Some of the benefits discussed above are hard to come by at no extra cost (Now you have to pay Rs100 for attending  🙂 ) and not going extra mile.

Many of us would be first timers at SIT 2012 Bangalore & Chennai, but one thing I promise after you have attended the event for first time, next time you would find the notification for SIT 2013 very easily in the maze of information available in SAP SCN. And next time you might also be tempted to blog about this event and do your bit for spreading the word around. A small effort for the community  🙂

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