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The below steps will explain to us how to update the block indicator in the vendor master by mass. The T-code XK99 used for Vendor Mass update.

Step: 1

Execute the t-code XK99 and select the table LFA1 / LFB1 /LFM1 (from table tab) based on our deletion criteria and then select the below relevant field from field tab.

Field Name



All Company Codes


Selected Company Code


All Purchasing organization


Selected Purchasing Organization


Block Function


Name 2 field for *IA* description

Eg : for our testing purpose , we have selected the Vendor # 9000057 , table LFA1,  and the below fields LFA1-SPERR ,  LFA1-SPERM and LFA1-SPERQ.


Step: 2

After the above step, please execute . Now we will get the below screen.


Step: 3

Enter the vendor number 9000057 and then execute. The below screen will appear.


Step: 4

In the above screen we need to activate the “Central posting /Purchasing Block” 5.JPGcheck box in the new value field , value for block function and select the “Carry Out a Mass Change”  icon. After completing this step the tick mark and value will  updated into the vendor line. The below screen is the values for the “Block Function”.


Once we select the “Carry Out a Mass Change” the below screen will appear to us.


Step: 5

Select the Save icon from the menu bar, now we will get the below message screen.


Step: 6

After executing the mass maintenance t-code XK99, the Block check box and Block function are successfully activated /updated in t-code XK05.

We have tried to create the PO by using the vendor master 9000057 and we received the error message as “Vendor 9000057 blocked” successfully.


In the Similar way we can update the vendor master details by Mass

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