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How to create and configure Sender Idoc AAE Scenario – PI 7.3

This document shows the steps required to configurate the Idoc sending from ECC to PI using the new PI 7.3 feature Idoc Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE).

Note: This document is based on Swathi Bobbity‘s post: with some improvements and non mentioned configs.

a)          Configurations in PI side – NWA.

Open the NWA page (http://<host>:<port>/nwa)

1) Click on:     Configuration > Infrastructure > Application Resources


Filter by key name in column Resource Name: ‘inboundRA’:


Here we have to select: Resource Name: “inboundRA” – Resource Type: “Resource Adapter” and click on Properties. Next, configure these parameters:

  • GatewayService: set in accordance to PI configuration (see trx code: SMGW).
  • GatewayServer: set in accordance to PI configuration (see trx code: SMGW).
  • MaxReaderThreadCount: 5
  • ProgramID: “XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID” where “PID” refers to PI system ID. Set in accordance to local configuration. This Program ID name will be used in ECC system when we create RFC dest. type “T”.
  • Local: false
  • BindingKey: PI_AAE_IDOC

Remaining values will be kept as they were.


2) Again from NWA, create a destination pointing to ECC using the name XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION


Set the Connection Parameters and Logon Data for ECC system where Idocs will be sent. Do a connection test.


3) We also have to create another Destination equals to the last one (XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION) but in this case we will add the R3 System ID in the end of the name. For example: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_ECC

Note: This destination will be used to transport the Idoc metadata.

b)          Configurations in Sender System – R3 side.

1)          Create RFC Destination Type T: (Client Independent. Use Customizing client)

  1. Go to trx. code SM59
  2. Create a new RFC Dest. Use a name that refers to PI AAE, for example: “PIDCLNT001_AAE”.
  3. Select radio button “Registered Server Program”
  4. In Program ID enter the same Program ID name already configurated in resource adapter inboundRA from NWA.
  5. Enter the “Gateway Host” y “Gateway Service” from PI Server.
  6. In “MDP Unicode” tab, actívate the radio button Unicode.
  7. Make a connection test to check connectivity.



2)          Create Port: (Client Dependent. Use the client where Idocs will be sent)

  1. Go to trx. code WE21.
  2. Display “Ports” and click on “Transactional RFC”
  3. Click on “Create”
  4. Specify a name and a description.
  5. In RFC destination specify the RFC destination name created in the previous step.

3)          Create Logical System (Client Independent. Use Customizing client)

  1. Enter trx. code BD54
  2. Specify a name like <SID>CLNT<Client.Nr> for example “PIDCLNT001” where PID is the PI System ID and “001” it’s client number.
  3. Save.

4)          Create Partner Profile (Client Dependent. Use the client where Idocs will be sent)

  1. Enter trx. code: WE20
  2. Select Partner Type LS
  3. Click on button “Create”
  4. Specify Logical System Name created in previous step as “Partner No.”
  5. Create an Outbound Parameter.
    1. Select the desired “Message Type”
    2. Select the Receiver Port (Created on Step #2)
    3. Activate the option “Transfer IDoc Immediately”
    4. Configurate credentials in tab “Post Processing Permitted Agent”



c)          Scenario configuration in Integration Directory.

Create and configurate an Integrated Configuration (ICO):

i)          Create a Communication Channel sender type:  IDOC_AAE.


ii)          Create an ICO, choosing Sender System and Service Ifz. name (Idoc name)


iii)          Select the Communication Channel previously created.


iv)          Finish the configuration entering: Receiver System, Receiver Interfaces and destination Communication Channel in their respective tabs. Save & Activate.

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  • Hello,

    One additional comment:

    There should not be a JCO RFC Provider with the same name as the program id in the inboundRA resource adapter. The JCO RFC Provider is not used and is not associated with the Java IDoc (IDoc_AAE) adapter. Its creation causes that there is an extra registered program at the gateway with the same program id that is not associated with any application on the AS Java. When the call as processed by this registered program (this happens sporadically if the inboundRA is also started correctly) it end up with an error similar to the ‘Bean IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS not found on host xxxx’.


    Rositsa Poppalova

  • Hello Juan,

    great document here you provided to the community, it helped me a lot.

    There is just one question i am asking myself ragarding the creation of the logical system.

    As we are on single stack PO, we do not have any abap stack anymore, and thus now different clients, right? Would it be okay to just name the logical system QPO for QAS-PO? Are there any restrictions? Or am i wrong and there is actually a client for single stack PO?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, does this config work in PO which is pure java? More specifically, I am getting error:

    IDoc: Adding control record to payload failed due to The Configuration for Sender/Receiver Partner Number/Port is incorrect. Enter proper values in Sender/Receiver Component

    In PO, what should be partner to be setup in WE21 and WE20?



    • Hi Jonathan,

      I can confirm this works on a pure-Java PO system; I successfully used the above on a 7.31 SP06 system.

      I don’t know about your issue, but I think you’ll have more luck asking on the forums. Hopefully someone will know.



    • Did you resolve your issue? I’m facing a similar problem while having a relatively simple MQ –> PI –> IDoc scenario. I want IDoc EDI_DC40 to be filled from configuration and do not want to mess with filling my EDI_DC40 within mapping or such.

      Any insights would be great.


  • Hi guys,

    I’m trying to perform this configuration but I’m stuck with the RFC Destination in ECC.

    Let’s recap what I have done:

    • Create Destination in PI (XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION)
    • Config the inboundRA
      • 5 and true, and the PI Gateway (I’m not 100% sure about this).
      • Also our program id XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_P21
    • Create destination in sm59 type T using our program id and as gateway the pi gateway.

    And I’m having the next error:

    Logon    Connection Error

    Error Details    Error when opening an RFC connection

    Error Details    ERROR: access denied for tp XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_P21 from host ecchost

    Error Details    LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host P21CE73 / 3301

    Error Details    COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway

    Error Details    COUNTER: 278

    Error Details    MODULE: D:/depot/bas/740_REL/src/krn/si/gw/gwxxreg.c

    Error Details    LINE: 667

    Error Details    RETURN CODE: 748

    Error Details    SUBRC: 0

    Error Details    RELEASE: 740

    Error Details    TIME: Wed Aug 21 16:29:23 2013

    Error Details    VERSION: 2

    I know that the program id is working because if I change it return that the program id is not valid, also the technical user I’m using has SAP_ALL so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Any ideas?



    • Hi Jorge, you probably sorted this out a long time ago, so just for reference: In PI / PI 7.4 ACL Check ist switched on by default. Might have been your problem 🙂

    • Similar issue faced by me. The resolution is a little surprising, but please try to use “Manual Configuration” in sender channel and then see if the error persists?

      It worked for me but this workaround is still not satisfactory for me? If you can share your result it will be useful for people to make a note of it.


  • Hi,

    Very useful blog. All experts Please try SM59 RFC without giving gatewayhost and service and share the result. Does it give successful connection test?

  • Hi guys,

    We had perform this configuration but I’m stuck with the RFC Destination in ECC.

    • Config the inboundRA
      • 5 and true, and the PI Gateway (I’m not 100% sure about this).
      • Also our program id XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DXC
      • Create DestinationName as XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION
      • Add Gateway Service and server
      • Create Destination in PI (XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION)
      • Create RFC in sm59 type T using our program id and as gateway the pi gateway

      We get this error on SM59:

      Connection Error

      Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: ‘ThSAPOCMINIT’, communication r

      ERROR: Error with SAP gateway communication; check if SAP gateway is closed

      LOCATION: SAP-Server DKRDSSAP494_SE1_00 on host DKRDSSAP494 (wp 3)


      COUNTER: 19



      RETURN CODE: 239

      SUBRC: 0

      RELEASE: 742

      TIME: Mon Dec 08 15:55:07 2014


      Thanks for any Advice.


      • today I met the same error and took over 2 hours with basis colleague to analyze this case.
        In the security configuration of PI on OS a parameter

        gw/acl_mode = 0
        should be added. otherwiese reject all connects.
        hope, it can help guys in the future, who meets the error again.

    • Hi All,

      While creating the destination XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION, what roles should be assigned to the user under Logon Data for ECC system ? Pls reply.


      • Hi,

        Please create a a service user.

        Assing authorization object – S_RFC, FUGR, ACTVT: 16 for it to read metadata. For more reference

        folllow note – 837595 , 677732 , 672745 , 212011 .



        • Hi Vikas,

          Thank u for response! scenario is IDoc both Inbound & Outbound. This is while creating Destination in NWA of SAP PO single stack system where I need to enter credentials.

          I mean in below snippet, can you pls guide what should I instruct security team to provide the user detail created in ECC.



          • Yes Nithin,

            I was taking about this user only.

            Ask the Security team to create a service user in ECC and follow the notes- 677732 (authorizations), 672745 (missing function modules), 212011 (access to IDoc metadata), to assign authorization for this user.

            Basically this user must have authorization to collect idoc metadata.



    • Hello Juan Manuel,

      Thanks for sharing such document, it is really very help full.

      I am following the instruction given in document and got issue at below point:-

      I had execute  NWA and click on: Configuration > Infrastructure > Application Resources

      after that when I try to Filter by key name in column Resource Name: ‘inboundRA’:

      it is not appearing in existing list so i am not able to go ahead for further steps.

      Please find below snapshot for the same and help me out from this problem.



      Yogesh Patidar

      +91 7869959712