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Getting Familiar with Transaction Codes in BW

In SAP BW, a screen or a BW application can be opened by two ways i.e. either by double-clicking the application name or by use of Transaction Codes. However, the commonly used method is to use Transaction Codes or T-codes as they are commonly known, as it’s quick.

Transaction Codes are short length Codes.  They can be considered as Technical names for a Menu item of a particular screen or internal application. You can think of it as quick shortcut for the screen or Commands similar to the Command Line parameters in the MS DOS environment.

To open an application or screen using Transaction Code, you enter the Transaction Code in the text field provided in the top-left corner of your SAP Navigation Screen, and hit Enter or click on ‘Green’ enter icon on left. Transaction Codes are Case-Insensitive.

T-Code Field.jpg

Transaction Code field, has a drop down list component, and will retain & display your most recently used Transaction Codes for quick access.

T-Code Field Dropdown.jpg

Also know that, if you already have a Screen / Application open and you wish to know its Transaction Code, you can do so by go to menu System > Status…

System : Status window will open up. In the SAP Data > Repository Data section, a Transaction field is seen which displays the T-Code for the Screen / Application.

Screen Status.jpg

For beginners to SAP BW, who are yet to get acquainted all the commonly used T-Codes, an easy approach will be to enable the T-Code or Technical display in the SAP Navigation window. To do this, In your main SAP Navigation window navigate to menu Extras > Settings Or Shift+F9

Extra Settings menu.jpg

In the Settings window, check “Display Technical Name” option

Settings window.jpg

Check the below Navigation screens with and without T-code displays.

Without Tcode Display.jpg

With Tcode Display.jpg

Hope this helps you aquaint yourself with more T-codes.

Your comments and likes 😉 are welcome.

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