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Analytics Models for LSO

The following are the new Search and Analytics models in the Learning Solution:

Ø  Compliance Forecast of Certificates (0HCM_LSO_T01)

Ø  Course Appraisal (0HCM_LSO_T02)

Ø  Document Master (0LSO_APP_DOC_MASTER)

Ø  Template (0LSO_APP_VA)

Ø  Course (0TRAINING)

Ø  Learner (0LEARNER)

Ø  Course Test (0ASSESSMENT)

Ø  Booking Priority (0BOOK_PRIO)

Ø  Course Participation Confirmed (0CONFIRMED)

Ø  Cancellation Reason (0C_REASON)

Ø  Indicator: Planned Business Event (0EVENTSTAT)

Ø  Reason for Failure in Course (0FAILED)

Ø  Participation Follow-Up (0FOLLOWUP)

Ø  Participation (0HCM_LSO_T03)

Ø  Participation Cancellation (0HCM_LSO_T04)

Ø  Learner Type (0LEARNERTYP)

Ø  Criteria Group (0LSO_APP_VB)

Ø  Criteria (0LSO_APP_VC)

Ø  Course Passed (0PASSED)

Ø  Resource (0RESOU)

Ø  Object Type of Resource (0RESOUTY)

Ø  Delivery Method (0TRAINFORM)

Ø  Course Group (0TRAINGROUP)

Ø  Course Type (0TRAINTYPE)

Ø  Course Type Hierarchy (0TRAINTYPE_HIERARCHY)

Ø  Value Class (0VALUE_CLASS)

Ø  Value Type (0VALUE_TYPE)

Ø  Course Language (0EVLANGUAGE)

Ø  Course Location (0EVLOCATION)

Ø  Resource Reservation (0HCM_LSO_T05)

Ø  Organizer (0ORGANIZER)

Ø  Organizer Type (0ORGANTYPE)

Ø  Indicator for Canceled Courses (0TRAINCANC)

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