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Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan

Aah! Oh! Wow Moments of SAP inside Track Singapore – Dec 8, 2012

Last week we successfully finished our first ever inside track event in Singapore.  It was wonderful experience. We got 45 registration, out of 32 signed up for that day, we started at 9:45 AM , We kick started with Kurt Bilafer ‘s small welcome note.  He also shared #SAPAPJ market trends and road maps…  followed by we got 8 precious presenters who shared their expertise with us. I would like to share some of the interesting things (behind the scenes) happened during the event for all unfortunate ones who missed the event.

Thirst for knowledge 

As all know that final movement we are planned to change the venue. Though we circulated lots of mails to all the registered participants about the venue change, couple of them went to the old venue. With hopeless I sent the new venue address to them by SMS. But It is amazing, I didn’t expect that they travelled back and reached the exact venue again. It is the true thirst for Knowledge.   


Photo by Marek: sitsg attendees

Special guests 

The special guest in the earth is always children. Yes, In sitsg Atul Patel and Simon Dale brought their kids. They were quietly played, watched movies on their own devices. It is very interesting, they neither disturb their father nor the other attendees. 

Warm up  the Intellect

It is quite usual in athletic, before doing any massive task, we encouraged to do some warm up exercise.  I felt the motivational speech of Paul Hawking done the same for us. Yes, it is the wonderful warm up for intellect of all attendees before get into the technical sharing sessions. The one sentence he used is the lifelong learning for me. It is “Be curious”. 


Photo by Marek: Be Curious! by Pawl

Mentors spirit

It is the true spirit of SAP Mentors that Joshua Fletcher and  Clint Vosloo traveled more than 13 hours with their own expense to Singapore, especially for success of  sitsg.  Obviously the high light of the sitsg is the two hands on given by them, There are some attendees from my company visited specially for their sessions.  


Photo by Marek: Josh explaining about End 2 End analytics by SAP HANA at sitsg

Mac book crash

It is 5 min before the session, Clint Vosloo whispered in my ears that his mac book got crashed, little bit tensed about the demo.  But He rocks! He set up everything from scratch in Josh’s PC, and I saw his face glows, when HANA on cloud started with green tick 🙂


Pic : tweet tag on sitsg

Digital white board session 

When Simon Dale said that he can available only between 1:30 to 2:00 pm for his presentation, I was afraid that immediate after delicious lunch, it may not good to talk about strategy. But it’s again interesting.  He didn’t use any presentation; He used digital white board app in his IPAD.  Indeed it grasped all our attention. We shoot lots of questions about the SAP cloud strategy. He answered all very cool.  


Photo by Josh: Simon answers the questions from attendees

15 min rapid sessions 

We are urged from the local admin of the Venue to finish the event by 5 PM, with little bit hesitation , I just given small clue to Vinodman Nair from Bluefin who traveled from Malaysia for sitsg understood and finished his presentation in 15 min, this is the genuine and timely help too :).  Later followed by Marek in 10 min about SAP Research.


Photo by Josh: Vinod sharing casino case study

“I listened” badge

“I listened” is the name of the small quiz we conducted at last for all participants. The questions are from the sessions. It is very nice all the questions are answered correctly without any additional clue and the winners greeted with chocolates.

Lucky draw 

We arranged lucky draw for presenters slot and participant slot, With the small rule that only the participants and presenters are stayed till end of the day are eligible for lucky draw.  Here the lucky draw winners  Fredrik Ohlsson


and Thomas


House keeping

Singapore rocks, At the end without asking there are attendees very enthusiastically helped to clean up the rooms  🙂 . They felt so contented!


When is Next Event? We want Once in a quarter!! 

There are lot of things shared during the feedback. Interesting is people are expecting  sitsg for 3 months once. 🙂  

In future, don’t miss such wonderful SAP Inside Track event any time! Check out the next scheduled SAP Inside track event near by your locations here

SAP Community Network Wiki – Community Events – SCN Community Events and participate! Learn! Win… Have Fun!

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      Author's profile photo Nishan Dev S
      Nishan Dev S

      Dear Jansi,

      Good overview in single snapshot of sap inside track.

      thanks for sharing

      Best Luck

      Nishan Dev

      Author's profile photo Bhanu Gupta
      Bhanu Gupta

      Hi Jansi,

      Great recap of a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us 🙂


      Author's profile photo Somnath Manna
      Somnath Manna

      Very nice recap - sad I could not watch all the sessions. Had to go for my daughter's school sports meet.

      Looking forward to #SITIND this Saturday - 85 registrations (I had to close / remove the registration link) - 9 sessions including 2 Guest sessions.

      Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Somnath,

           Thanks a lot for your guidance too.. 🙂 . Looking forward for SITIND on 15th.. Great... this year we have it on Chennai too.. 



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It was a fantastic event. Thanks everyone for coming - either as a presenter or a participant. We had some great networking time, learning time, and even complaining time. With the new year having started just a couple of days ago, perhaps it is time to start thinking about next such event in Singapore?