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Why the Wiki – ‘SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator’s Toolbox’ is NetWeaver

Why the Wiki – ‘ SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator’s Toolbox… ‘ is NetWeaver

It’s MDM

it contains only the highest quality validated master SAP documentation and data, when you search

this Wiki you know the results will only be the best and you won’t have to trudge through rubbish to

get to the good stuff


it’s a flat file row based database, which means, it’s extremely fast to search,

just open the Wiki and <CTRL-F> to keyword search whatever you are looking for

It’s PI

it’s an information exchange, anybody can add their favourite SAP documentation to it,

and anybody can gain from its content

It’s Portal

it’s a doorway to the highest quality Basis Technical Doco available in one link on the

Internet, it’s even Portal On Device, the Wiki works fine on a SmartPhone or Tablet

It’s SCN –

it’s made for people who love SAP, by people who love SAP

It’s here:

SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator’s Toolbox…

Feel welcomed to join in the fun and add your favourite Basis documentation to the list, pay it forward,

contribute, share and gain.

Take credit for your contribution, feel free to put your name or link to your SCN Bio as a prefix to the

doco links you add.

All the best,

Andy Silvey.

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    • Hi Naor,

      thank you.

      I use the Wiki myself these days, it’s faster for me to search the wiki for documentation than searching my hard disk.

      All the best,


    • Hi Raj,

      thank you.

      It is a work in progress.

      And the beauty is, everybody is welcome to contribute.

      So if you find a useful OSS Note or document, just add it to the relevant section and with your name like,

      . Raj Bas – OSS xyz1234 How to do something interesting

      The more people who contribute the more valuable the Wiki will become.

      All the best,