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Simplicity: Top Reasons Customers Choose SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (part 2 of 7)

As we know, a lot has changed in the last four years, both in our overall economy, as well as how customers view new IT investments. While a move away from large, complex projects has been an ongoing trend since the dot-com bust of the early naughts, this was solidified by the risk adverse conditions set in place in 2008. At the same time, since this period we have seen a whole new approach to projects come to fruition, with related gains in project industrialization and solution packaging, including SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Customers want to move forward, they want to benefit from SAP HANA, Mobile, Cloud and other areas, but they are looking to do so in a low-risk, incremental way. In fact, over 1,700 customers have done just that with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Rapid-deployment solutions allow the organization to feel the benefits and business impact of new innovations over a shorter period, and before moving on to follow-on areas. While at the same time, it allows the customers to adjust course where and when necessary, as their overall market or competitive environments change… which we all know can happen quite quickly!

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are SIMPLE! They allow customers to take incremental steps, rather than a big-bang implementation – thus resulting in a quick, successful implementation, using SAP best practices:

Top Reasons for RDS_FINAL.jpg

Stay tuned on SCN for the remaining 5 blogs in this series, ‘Top Reasons Customers Choose SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions’ . The next blog will cover SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions and how they support ‘Differentiation’…

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