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From Highlights to People: SAP TechEd People – A New Video Series

Over the past five years we have been recording and producing highlight videos from each SAP TechEd conference worldwide. Overall, they provide a nice summary containing exciting snippets from different participants and key moments of the events.

This year we wanted to try something different. We wanted to try a new format that was exciting and will tell the story of SAP TechEd participants so that viewers who could not attend will have a chance to feel more connected with what happened. However, this comes with its challenges: how do you humanize a video in order to create something more compelling when capturing what’s taking place?

So, we decided to try something familiar that we know would make the videos more real: by borrowing some ideas from many of the reality shows you’ve seen on TV.  This is where emotions are captured with true personal stories in the form of “a day in the life of” format: no more, no less.  So we followed several people for a whole day and captured it all on film.  There was no script: just follow around several chosen attendees to record what they do at SAP TechEd, who they interact with, what they get out of it and try to capture the essence of why they are attending.

The outcome is seven amazing SAP TechEd People videos that reveal the true face of SAP TechEd, a human face.  The seven attendees selected each had a different role and background with four in Las Vegas and another three in Bangalore.  They were speakers, customers, partners, Demo Jammers and InnoJamers. Meet Ryan Rader, from Babcock & Wilcox , Karthik Palanisamy, Senior Director of Enterprise Intelligence at Schwan Food Company, Sumeet Banodkar, IT manager at Hindustan Unilever, or even the SAP mentor Abesh  Bhattacharjee from  IBM  or John Astill and his three young DemoJam apprentices , Lori Vanourek and N. Venugopal  from SAP.

We followed each of the seven participants for one day at SAP TechEd unscripted to capture a real day in their life. Then we added their story through a short interview, like on a reality show. Yes, we did try to introduce some humor and make it fun but, to be honest, we didn’t need much effort for this to happen since most of them were having enough fun already by being at SAP TechEd. So, a routine day at the conference suddenly became a story with a plot. Now you don’t just see the conference but the attendees too.

I’d really like to thank Chip Rodgers and Philippe Rosset who encouraged, supported and gave us the opportunity to make these videos.  I really hope you enjoy them. For all highlights please go to the SAP TechEd Online site.

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