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DB Connect BW to external database

I will explain step by step procedure to create a DB connect connection from SAP BW to external oracle database.

We can have different external database connection to BW like oracle, SQL, DB2, SAP DB etc.

Go to Rsa1 tcode in the BW system as below

Go to source systems in left pane and do right click and click create

Select database system as below

Go to Bd54 tcode

Create logical system similar to highlighted one below. This logical system is a reference and will be used in RSA1 tcode.

Give MPTORA(which ever logical system related to the scenario) in logical system and source system description in RSA1.

and we get below screen

Fill details like DBMS will be ORA for oracle or MSS for SQL server etc

user id and password we can get it from BW team or from the requester. This user id and password will be used to lo-gin to the external database.

connection info field will contain the parameter to be used while connecting to the external database.

we need to maintain the details in tnsnames.ora file under /oracle/SID/112*/network/admin. Sample tns file below.

Save in above screen and go back

Hit back in above screen

Source system connection created. Right click and do test, the result should be success.

Possible errors:

1. When tnsnames.ora file is not maintained, we will get below error

Connection info was not maintained so got the above issue.

2. If the user id and password is wrong, we will get below error.

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  • This was perfect, thank you very much.

    We used to resolve a problem at customer site, they have 2 BW system with the same logical name, so ve solved using your procedure, and works perfectly.

    We have a duobt, the db user has all the grants on all the tables, and we are afraidĀ  that they can harm the system, how can we avoid that ? We where thinking to create another user and give him only the grant to read to the interested tables.

    What do you think ?

    Thanks a lot