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BODS Audit on SAP Source Tables – Apply Auditing on SAP Source tables and write the Source Read Count into any control table.(Only way to Capture Audit Label Value.)

BODS Audit on SAP Source Tables

  • Audit Feature on SAP Sources works in the same manner as in Database Source and Target tables.
  • Source SAP Table Count and Target Table Count are Computed in Audit window.
  • Source Table count should be applied on ABAP Data Flow and Not on SAP Table.
  • Source Count and Target Count are checked as described below in the screenshots.
  • If the Audit condition set is violated, an Exception is raised.
  • We can give Custom Conditions apart from

  $Count_ABAP_DF = $Count_Target_DB_Table.

  • We can Insert the Source Count and Target Count values from Audit Labels, into any Table using below Script.

This Script is used in Custom Audit Condition.



sql(‘Target_SQL‘, ‘insert into dbo.Source_table_Count values ([$Count_Source_Count],[$Count_Target_Count])’) is NULL     ##  THIS CONDITION IS ALWAYS TRUE as Output of Insert query is NULL

After successful completion of the Job, You will find the Source and Target Counts inserted into the Control Table.

select * from Source_table_Count

Source_Count Target_Count
66 66

Note: This Script can be used in Any Audit Condition regardless of the type of Source/Target table, to Capture Audit Label Value.







4.Apply the above mentioned script in Custom Audit Condition.


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