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SAP Freeway – Teched DemoJam 2012 Bangalore Experience

The year 2010, treated me with two special gifts. One was my selection in Custom Development, SAP and second was my manager nominating me to attend SAP Teched.


I was recruited just after graduation and by the time I could figure out what SAP was all about, I was thrown into a vast ocean named
“Teched”, where I was trying to keep myself afloat amidst the strong thunderstorm of SAP knowledge which was flowing all around me.


And while trying to float I figured out what SAP is all about and it was very exciting. Lot of information was already flowing into my
mind through lectures, sessions, pods and by the time it reached the evening of the first day, I thought this was the maximum excitement I can get from Teched but to prove me completely wrong was “Demo Jam” and it mesmerized me with its sheer elegance and for the first time I experience what we call “Innovation” and the best part was that it was happening live before me. I decided that very same moment that I will definitely make it to the demo jam.


After two demo submission over a span of two long years, my demo was finally selected among the top 6 and I could sense how close I have
come in realizing my dream of attending demo jam.


But believe me Demo jam is much bigger than just showcasing what you have created. You need the right idea to connect with the people and
it should be innovative enough to leave the audience speechless and make them cheer for you because what ultimately matters is their applauses.


The idea can never be realized if you don`t have wonderful and intelligent minds working along with you to make it a reality. For me, it
was Raju Borda, Tanushree Das who just didn`t help in coming up with this wonderful idea of “SAP Freeway:
Automatic Traffic Management for Emergency Vehicle
” but also put in their soul to make the idea feasible and when you have people who know different
technologies so well then it really becomes easy to come up with a working demo of a wonderful idea.

This year we also needed a partner to collaborate with SAP to present our idea in Teched demo jam and we found Narin Nandivada from Yash
Technologies who stood by us during the entire demo realization phase and his presence really helped us a lot in coming up with our demo.


Last but not the least I would like to conclude with my feelings during those 6 minutes of demo jam. It is never easy to give a demo to around 8000+ people.
I felt scared but soon I realized that three months of effort by our entire team will be culminated into just one chance of six minutes to tell everyone about our idea and make them realize how great it is. So I decided to be strong and give my best and at the end it was really a wonderful moment for our entire team to see all the people cheering for our demo and clapping for us and the icing on the cake was the very fact that our entire team was there on the stage to witness our victory.

Link to Demo       :-

Link to Interview: –


Trinoy Hazarika

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